Our clients: A love story

| By:
Linda Brotherton

We work hard to make our clients fall in love with us and our company. It’s no time to be shy—it’s time to make the first move! But keep in mind we’re talking about a long-term commitment here, so it takes time and effort. Here’s how we ramp up for the challenge.

In the book Married to the Brand, author William J. McEwen gives a common example of unwavering love between a client and a company:

“Every afternoon, Monday through Friday, Marty walks four and a half blocks to the Starbucks near his office. Sure, Marty can get coffee at work – his company provides it at no charge. Yet he leaves the office and walks past two other coffee shops to get to Starbucks, where he gladly pays $1.60 for something he could get for free just a few short steps from his desk. He does this even when it’s raining.”

Call it crazy obsession. Or maybe it’s genuine admiration for core values and corporate social responsibility. In any case, we know we benefit from loyal clients. We’re dedicated to making our clients fall in love with our work every day.

“Marty isn’t just buying coffee. He’s buying an experience”.

So let’s walk through the three stages to building that experience for our clients:
  • The first date

“Activating a new brand relationship (a first date) requires conveying a brand promise that is not just credible and compelling, but also establishes a personal connection with the potential client.”

At ConnectWise, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for our prospects and our partners. We want to make it easy to find, buy, and use the best solutions available to run a technology business.

Once a company is ready to embark on the client journey, we hold hands through the onboarding process so we know everything is up and running smoothly. We will pull out all the stops so that our clients/prospects know we’re in it for the long haul. True dedication.

  • Building a foundation

“All brand bonds are built on a foundation of four emotions: Confidence, Integrity, Pride, and Passion”

We are confident in the quality of services we provide, so much so that we are expanding internationally with two new offices in Australia and the UK to bring us closer to our partners.

Integrity is at the heart of our success. We don’t have clients, we have partners, and it’s our mission to make sure they have the best resources to support their success. We don’t stop at software, either! We provide yearly events, training, best practices, toolkits, templates, and the thought leadership to take their businesses to the next level.

  • Marriage

"Keeping clients involves adding meaningful depth to the bond that initially connects the consumer to the brand. Retaining clients goes beyond merely making a promise – it requires the performance of a total brand experience."

Marriage is a give and take, so ConnectWise works hard to do more than just provide the industry’s best solutions. We are also constantly striving to incorporate partner feedback into our product so that we can meet our clients’ needs better.

IT Nation, the premier conference for technology solution providers and the largest event of its kind, offers a world-class experience with in-depth product training and thought leadership sessions. We are putting in the work to make our brand marriage last a lifetime.

The commitment to our clients reminds us every day of how much they matter to us and our success. We’re dedicated to keeping our partner relationships full of love. We know you want to do the same, so don’t hesitate to rely on us. We are always here to help you on your journey!

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