Q1 Innovation by ConnectWise Business Management

| By:
Jake Varghese

Innovation is paramount in the tools you use to run your business, and that is why ConnectWise is dedicated to bringing you innovation, faster. We know that running a business takes a lot of focus and energy, and it can be hard to keep up with all the updates on your ConnectWise solutions, but it is so important to stay in the know—you never know what new feature or enhancement could change the way you do business!

Business Management solutions saw a lot of innovation in just the first few months of 2023, and we’re excited to keep them coming throughout the year. Did you know that ConnectWise PSA™, ConnectWise CPQ™, BrightGauge™, ITBoost™, Wise-Sync™, and SmileBack™ all had some incredible releases? Read on to learn more.

ConnectWise PSA

With Wise-Sync joining the ConnectWise family, we’re able to extend more functionality to existing ConnectWise PSA partners in the form of payment automation. With Wise-Pay for PSA, you can now leverage Wise-Pay functionality, which is also accounting package agnostic. Simply subscribe to payments (click here to contact your account manager) and start sending out emails with payment links directly from PSA!

Coming soon: Wise-Pay for PSA will soon give you the ability to set your customers up on automatic payments, making it even easier for you to get paid and for you customer to do business with you. Additionally, you'll soon be able to sync you Wise-Pay payments in PSA directly to your QuickBooks desktop or Great Plains invoices.

Billing agreements just got more flexible. New agreements and billing based on a contract year, can now be billed on dates other than the first of the month. Keep your customers happy and your invoicing queue organized with this new enhancement! Check it out here >>

ConnectWise CPQ

Coming soon: In addition to real-time pricing and other sourcing functions, you will soon be able to electronically place your order with Arrow directly through ConnectWise CPQ. 

Streamline your quoting process with Arrow + ConnectWise CPQ

The strategic alliance between ConnectWise and Arrow ensures that ConnectWise partners have efficiencies in searching and quoting, procurement, subscription management, and client billing that goes beyond any other existing integration. 

The integrations between PSA and cloud billing, CPQ, and Arrow enable TSPs to immediately source available products from Arrow while passing all procurement and billing details to ConnectWise PSA—eliminating any potential for billing disputes and reducing Accounts Receivable (AR) timelines.

ConnectWise CPQ simplifies and speeds up your product sourcing from Arrow through deep integration and centralization. Get real-time pricing and inventory information from Arrow right within your quoting solution, ConnectWise CPQ. You can also import custom Arrow quotes into ConnectWise CPQ within minutes. 

Explore the key features of this integration >>

We introduced our punchout integration with Amazon Business last year, but we’re so excited to announce our integration has extended to Amazon Business UK now! Our UK partners can now take advantage of streamlined quoting by quickly and easily getting their Amazon Business sourced products on their ConnectWise CPQ quotes with just a couple of clicks.

We also enhanced our Ingram Micro integration to extend its functionality to the European region. Now our European partners have more options to source from within CPQ and can enjoy more streamlined quoting.


New integrations centralize and streamline the way you do business—and we have brought in an ITBoost integration that we’re super excited about. The way you manage documentation is revolutionized by prebuilt dashboards and gauges that give you quick, meaningful insights into your documentation health. Included dashboards highlight the most used knowledge base articles, users using the most documentation, upcoming expiries (domain, SSL certs, and more) and more!

Quick Sync Dashboards have arrived for two ConnectWise PSA use cases: new, unassigned tickets, and customer responded tickets. Give your team quick visibility with these near real time dashboards so that they can make quicker decisions and provide even more exceptional customer experiences.

Coming soon: Parent-child dashboards are ready to simplify the way you update information within BrightGauge. With a parent dashboard, you can make updates to one place and have that flow down to your child dashboards.


Time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) generated right within your documentation solution? ITBoost has it. Streamline the way your techs work on customer issues by providing them with what they need right in the tools they’re already working in.

Knowledgebase articles are also now available for your customers within the ConnectWise PSA End User Portal. Your customers can self-service with the articles you choose to make available, improving the customer experience and limiting the number of tickets your team has to work on—win-win!

Coming soon: Secure password sharing from within ITBoost to expedite the way your techs work while keeping them and the applications they access secure.


The ability to easily collect customer feedback through SmileBack has been extended to ConnectWise PSA Projects. Now, you can collect feedback throughout the entire project lifecycle and gain actionable insights to continuously improve and optimize your customers’ experience.


While it may be challenging to keep up with the latest updates across the suite of ConnectWise solutions, staying informed is vital. With every new feature or enhancement, there is always the potential to revolutionize the way you conduct business. Check out our Release Notes page, which highlights all new updates.

Prefer to hear about it from our experts? Our series of monthly product innovation webinars talks about the latest ConnectWise innovations we’re delivering to the market. We’ll review our product roadmap on ConnectWise University and highlight exciting and new innovations that have either recently been released or are on the horizon. Each monthly webinar is interactive and will feature product leaders and a live Q&A.

Did you know that ConnectWise offers Business Management packages? These packages are streamlined with the solutions you need in your business to simplify, scale, and grow. Even if you are an existing ConnectWise partner, there are additional benefits including monthly virtual consulting sessions that come with the Pro and Premium packages.