The brand new ConnectWise Mobile App

| By: Jeff Bishop

As a company, ConnectWise believes and heavily invests in continuous improvement. Offering great software is truly at the foundation of what we do as evidenced by two of our core values:

“Breathe Innovation” and “Obsess With Partner Success”.

With our core values to guide us, we've created a brand new ConnectWise Mobile app, taking the most popular features and combining them with a new user-friendly interface designed to help service techs complete assigned tasks quickly and efficiently.

What’s different about the brand new ConnectWise Mobile App?

See your agenda at a glance, update ticket status and notes, track time with a stopwatch, submit expenses, and more—all while on the go.

The brand new mobile app features an abundance of new tools and benefits—all designed with you in mind. From easier time entry via stopwatch to easier tracked ticket information and expense reports, the new app is the perfect pocket tool for your business and is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Let’s take a look at some of the additions to the new app, designed to help your business succeed.

Companies and contact management

  • Easily access contact info: Never lose access to that colleague’s or customer’s phone number when you’re away from your desk. With the ability to easily find the company and/or contact information you’re looking for, you can then call that contact directly within the app.
  • Search: Search for tickets, companies, contacts, and configurations. Finding the items and information you need to do your job just got that much earlier!


  • Get a list view of the schedule entries, activities, projects, and service tickets you are assigned to as a resource. Simply tap a ticket from the list to quickly make updates to the record. Working through your assigned tasks has never been more convenient.
  • You can also create a new service ticket or enter time and expenses from an existing service ticket.

Time tracking

  • Don’t give yourself time entry homework at the end of every day. The app’s newest features include:
    • Easy time tracking as it happens in the moment by starting a stopwatch. All stopwatch timers convert to time entry—so you won’t lose money if you forget a time entry!
  • Stopwatch: From a ticket, start the stopwatch timer to track your time spent on that task. It follows all time, on time—all the time. This leads to more billable time, which leads to more revenue and better reporting. The stopwatch features include:
    • The ability to pause and start the timer as needed when multitasking across many tickets.
    • A list view of all active and paused stopwatch timers. On this screen, you can also create a time entry easily.

Expense tracking

  • Take a picture and submit expenses with ease!
    • The image prints with the expense report.
    • The image is automatically attached for approvals

Attach photos to tickets

  • Easily update your SOWs with images from your mobile phone.
  • Give direct images for easily resolving issues in the future.
  • Documenting devices makes it easy to save time working future tickets.

Look out for our upcoming Facebook live stream on Friday, August 23rd at 12:30pm as we chat through the new Mobile App with product experts, Chris Markam (Quality Assurance Analyst) and Tricia Marcolini (Product Manager).

Other key product enhancements you might have missed

ConnectWise Customer Portal

The redesigned ConnectWise Customer Portal is a one-stop shop for your most time-consuming customer interactions. Customers can now submit tickets, check on ticket status, and easily pay invoices in one easy-to-use modern interface that’s customizable to represent your brand.

You’ll reduce wasted time with a ticket creation process that asks for detailed information up-front. With improved technician productivity and faster SLA times to please your customers, it’s a win-win situation!


With the release of ConnectWise single sign-on (SSO), security is a top priority. We’ve enabled multi-factor authentication—making user management a breeze and the login process more secure.

Not to mention it’s more convenient for everyone. Tired of trying to remember multiple usernames and passwords? ConnectWise SSO lets you log into all ConnectWise products using the same information. With multi-factor authentication, a uniform password policy, and more, this feature acts as your single identity provider to make the login process easy.

ConnectWise Now

ConnectWise Now is a centralized, customizable dashboard console that gives you the confidence to make better business decisions thanks to easy-to-access, accurate data in a single location. Get real-time information about your organization, the teams you manage, and clients’ networks and endpoints with access to more data.

ConnectWise Now gives you the ability to:

  • Add dashboards from multiple applications into a single screen.
  • Enable one-click drill through access.
  • Increase functionality for multiple systems within the dashboards.
We’re more than just software

Obsessed with partner success

ConnectWise is committed to supporting our partners in every step of their business growth journeys. We have a team of real people obsessed with helping each partner on the road to success, be it providing workshops and training, tools to meet specific business needs, or simply a place to connect with like-minded individuals—ConnectWise has it all!

The IT Nation

The IT Nation is a world-wide community like no other, and ConnectWise gives our partners the unique opportunity to join forces with IT peers, thought leaders, and industry experts to grow and learn together. The IT Nation hosts conferences, regional user group events, and peer groups focused on collaboration. From networking to sharing ideas, the IT Nation is working to push the IT industry forward as a team.

That’s not all The IT Nation does! The IT Nation truly believes education can change the world and is focused on giving back to the community. This past year, ConnectWise partnered with Hands on Orlando and Orlando Day Nursery to help sponsor a community garden and provide maintenance projects throughout the facility for youth in need. By our community, for the community—that’s the ConnectWise difference.

You’re part of the family

ConnectWise is dedicated to building real relationships with real people. Our team of passionate people focused on our core values provide a personal touch that supports our partners like no one else. We can’t wait to welcome you to the family.