New ConnectWise Manage ticket note features

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April Taylor

We all struggle to communicate from time to time—it’s part of being human. Finding the right words to show empathy, convey instructions, or express ideas can be difficult. But in business, the stakes are especially high. When you’re interacting with your customers, miscommunication can be costly, and every exchange—positive or negative—adds up to impact your bottom line accordingly.

That’s why in ConnectWise Manage®, we’ve redesigned ticket notes to minimize any and all professional miscommunications. By integrating features that will help to facilitate better, clearer conversation between you and your customers, we’re changing the way you discuss issues—and reach resolutions.

New and improved features for ConnectWise Manage ticket notes

1. Additional formatting options

Massive blocks of text can cause even the most diligent readers to tune out. Thankfully, humans are naturally receptive to aesthetics, so seemingly small things—like formatting your ticket notes to make them more visually appealing—can actually go a long way to improve the stickiness of your communication.

For a modernized and attention-grabbing look, you now have the option to use rich text formatting, where you can bold, italicize, underline, and create bulleted or numbered lists to make sure you’re emphasizing all of the most important parts of any ticket note you send.

With these changes, readers can better skim your ticket notes and instantly pick up on important points and details, so your message gets across is communicated loud and clear.

2. Inline images and GIFs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Now technicians can upload and paste inline images (including screenshots) to better explain the resolution. Similarly, customers can also reply with screenshots that will show up directly in the ticket, instead of the technician having to open the email to see them, or worse missing them all together—ultimately speeding up the issue resolution process.

Could a GIF lighten your message and make it more fun? Your technicians aren’t robots—they’re real, relatable people, and that’s part of what makes them so great at their job. Their subject matter expertise may be technical, but the ways that they interact don’t always have to be. Now your technicians have the ability to punctuate client communication with work-appropriate, well-timed, lighthearted images to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

3. Avatars and color coding

Long, cumbersome ticket notes can send readers into a word coma. To make ticket notes more reader-friendly, we’ve added avatars and color-coding features. Now, when you have to quickly scan through a ticket to try and comprehend a conversation between you and your customers, you can get a better sense of who is talking and what’s being said. They’re practical, but they’re also fun and add a little bit of color to your day.

4. Issue tags

Efficiency is key in client communication—especially when it comes to customer support. When discussing issues and resolution, you want to do so quickly and clearly. To avoid delayed or inconsistent resolutions, you need to be able to rapidly identify routine service issues and address them proactively.

To make ticket notes more efficient and easier to sort through, we’ve added issue tags. Now, when looking through tickets to see issues and resolutions, issue tags can help simplify the sorting process. With these new features, you can change the way you communicate. You’re not just optimizing your processes and making things more efficient; you’re also making them more user-friendly and human.

Additional features and products that help you improve efficiency

ConnectWise Customer Portal

The ConnectWise Customer Portal offers yet another way you can improve communication with customers. The easy-to-use modern interface speeds up your most time-intensive customer interactions, and customers can submit tickets, check on their status, and pay invoices whenever they want. It’s also customizable, so your brand is well-represented at all times.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Remembering multiple logins and passwords for the numerous accounts you use every day is a hassle. But with ConnectWise SSO, login security is streamlined and you’re able to use the same login information across platforms. Equipped with multi-factor authentication, uniformity of passwords, and more, SSO can help you optimize the way you log in.

ConnectWise Identify

Security is critical, but before you can address security you need to understand risk. ConnectWise Identify® offers risk assessments that go in-depth, providing a heat map of high-risk priorities and top risks. For customers—especially those in regulated industries—this can set you up with a high-margin service offering.


Together, ConnectWise Automate® and ConnectWise Control® have partnered to give you device access—all with a single, convenient click. With Backstage, you can run commands without having to contact your customer. That means you can minimize interruptions so everybody can get on with their day—and get the job done.

With Backstage, hosts can perform complex commands and scripting without interrupting the end user on the machine. Additionally, hosts can access Windows Registry Editor, run toolbox items, and transfer files in the background. All of this adds up to more access, less customer interruptions, and greater efficiency. What happens behind the scenes no longer needs to be of the customer’s concern thanks to ConnectWise Backstage.

We’re more than just software

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