Tech talk from ConnectWise: Backstage in ConnectWise Control

| By:
Jake Morgan

The ConnectWise Control® team is excited to bring you the all-time most requested feature in the user echo forum! We’re calling it Backstage.

About the feature

ConnectWise Control has always had the command tab, which allows hosts to run commands against their guest machines from the host page. Our partners love this feature, but wanted even more interaction with the command prompt, plus a fully interactive shell that would let them perform operations without disturbing the end user.

To achieve this, we’ve added a new log on session, which we’re calling Backstage. This feature will spawn a new session that allows the ConnectWise Control host to work without interrupting the end user. This session launches powershell and a command window by default (however, these will be configurable). In the video below, ConnectWise Control’s CTO and original architect, Jake Morgan, dives into the details.

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