ConnectWise Control Q2 2018 remote support software updates

| By: Jeff Bishop

The development team has been busy enhancing the functionality of ConnectWise Control® for the last ninety days (check out these articles to catch up on what was accomplished in the first quarter of 2018 and in 2017). Let’s review what’s new with our remote support, unattended access, and security features.

Look and feel updates

Subtle changes to the setup wizard and host page animations were added to make the user experience smoother. Additionally, new host page keyboard options were added to make navigation easier and faster using Tab and directional keys.

Security updates

We added custom parameters in OAuth2.0 requests which allows administrators to use additional user sources for authentication. Admins also have the option to revoke access to authenticated sessions by clicking “Revoke” in the “Revoke Access” section of the security page. This forces all logged-in hosts to reauthenticate in case of a security breach. Revocation options also apply to host passes. Now, admins have more peace of mind when using host passes to give access to outside vendors or techs.

What’s new

Here’s a highlight reel of new extensions, integrations, and more now available in ConnectWise Control.

  • Premium Extensions - Now, when you purchase a Premium license of ConnectWise Control, you get access to these premium extensions (not available with any other license type): reporting dashboard and remote diagnostic toolkit.
  • Marketplace additions - Other new additions to the extension marketplace include SOS Deployer, which puts an icon on the customer’s desktop that will automatically create a support session. And Advanced Configuration Editor, which makes it easier to edit host and guest options, security settings, and much more.
  • Microsoft® Outlook Integration - Scheduling is easier and more efficient with this integration which adds a ConnectWise Control button to your Outlook task bar.

Plus, fixes to the virtual mouse and a new Trackpad mode (allowing for touch gestures on the device) on the Android App. We’ve got the complete list of updates in our release notes archive. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in Q3!