Integration and extension spotlight: Microsoft® Outlook

| By: Jeff Bishop

If you haven't had a chance to check out the recent Q1 product release recap article, you should! We've combined 90+ days worth of product update news in a highlight reel with videos that show you what the team's been hard at work on over the last quarter. And now, we're excited to announce our latest addition to ConnectWise Control's integration and extension family. Drumroll...Microsoft® Outlook!

Scheduling remote support sessions and meetings has never been easier with ConnectWise Control® and Microsoft Outlook!

As this short video demonstrates, all you have to do is simply install the Outlook extension in your instance, then install the ConnectWise Control add-on to your Outlook account, and you’re in business! As we continue to build out our Extension Marketplace with powerful integrations and enhancements that help you work smarter, we rely on your feedback to steer our development team – your input is invaluable to us! If you have a recommendation, suggestion, or wish list item you’d love to see come to life in ConnectWise Control, let our team know.

New extensions

We are always looking for ways to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Spiceworks and find out what you think would make ConnectWise Control even better. When we see a need for new or enhanced functionality - we get to work! The SOS Deployer extension is a great example of this. Check it out!

SOS Deployer

ConnectWise Control hosts are able to increase the speed of their response times when guests request support using this direct method of communication. SOS Deployer creates a small executable and puts an icon on the customer’s desktop that will automatically create a support session with you or your techs when they click on it.

Advanced Configuration Editor

Looking for a simplified way to edit advanced ConnectWise Control settings to customize the host and guest experiences? No problem. Advanced Configuration Editor makes it easier to edit host and guest options, security settings, and much more.

Want to see even more extensions and integrations that make communication between your customers, and customization within the solution, simpler? Simply start a free trial and visit the extension marketplace.