ConnectWise Control Q1 2018 remote support software updates

| By: Jeff Bishop

We’re rounding out a productive quarter with new and exciting features, enhancements, and simplification efforts we’ve captured for you here in this highlight reel. Want to dive deeper? View the complete list of updates, new features, and fixes in the Release Notes Archive.

ConnectWise Control 6.5

The first release of 2018 brought brand new security enhancements that save you time and headaches. Watch this short video to see a guided walkthrough of the features listed below. Ready to test them out for yourself? Start a free 14-day trial of ConnectWise Control® Premium.

Security updates
  • SAML authentication – No need to authenticate into ConnectWise Control separately. Now hosts can securely authenticate once into their environment with easy, single-sign-on access.
  • LDAP or AD user source updates – Confidently and securely call multiple LDAP user sources. Linking to multiple AD directories for simpler administration has never been easier.
  • 5-Digit session codes – Previously a 4-digit code, upping it to 5 digits increases the probability of providing your guests with a unique code that will connect them to the correct support session.
  • Audit log filtering – Administrators can quickly and easily find and download the specific session recordings they need with this new filtering functionality.
Simplification updates
  • Extension marketplace updates – There are new regulations for extension development for quality assurance and to better protect developers’ intellectual property.
  • Host Pass configurations – New config options let admins choose the duration of vendor access from a single day up to thirty days, with additional time frames in between.
  • Partner feedback survey – The client survey is no longer automatically sent to the partner at the close of each session, minimizing interruption while in the product.
ConnectWise Control 6.6 (Preview)

Security updates
  • Revoke Host Passes – In case of a security breach, admins can revoke access to authenticated sessions by clicking “Revoke” in the “Revoke Access” section of the security page.
  • Custom parameters in OAuth2.0 requests – Admins can configure “scope” and “nonce” parameters and sync additional OAuth2 providers, including Google OAuth2, for authentication.
Simplification updates
  • Run tools as elevated – Hosts can run tools as “elevated” from the host page, eliminating the need for hosts to connect and enter service mode or locate administrator credentials.
  • Enable display name by default – Want to appear more human to the end user? No, really! Display host names are shown by default for admins to utilize in support-driven environments.
  • Display the first 1,000 sessions – Access large session groups without having long loading times.
  • Session group right-click menu – Hosts can quickly and easily perform actions on a session group by right-clicking on a session group name.
  • Updated database maintenance plan action text – Make better decisions quicker when it comes to maintaining your databases with the clarified maintenance plan.
  • Remember last selected tab on host page – No need to switch between tabs when moving between session types. The tab hosts last used on a specific session type will remain selected.
  • Redirect a host to the host page after login – Another click bites the dust! Be sent to the host page after logging in via the guest page so hosts can see their sessions right away.
  • New host page keyboard navigation options – Hosts can quickly navigate the host page using the directional keys and the Tab key on their keyboards.
  • Improved rendering time for large database queries – Administrators can load a large number of records on the Audit page faster.

As always, the focus of our product development is ensuring that you have all the functionality you need to do your job securely and effectively. Have a suggestion for our developers? Share your wish list and connect with us in our partner forum.