Delivering seamless communication experience with new self-service ConnectWise Profile & Preference Center and other new resources

| By: Amy Lucia

5 minutes is all it takes to put the power of contact management in your hands

Take five minutes to update your contact preferences in the ConnectWise Profile & Preference Center (P&PC) to ensure you receive the communications and messages that are relevant to you. ConnectWise is committed to delivering a consistent and seamless partner experience across every touch point. Part of that is providing a convenient, self-service tool to help you review your information and email preferences regularly, so you can stay on top of the latest news, updates, and information when, where, and how you need them.

Driving momentum and a seamless experience in 2023 and beyond

Why did we create this tool?

Historically, to update contact information and topics you want to hear from us on, partners had to speak to their account manager. This is still an option, but many of you asked us to make it easier with a self-service tool. This is why at IT Nation Connect, we introduced the Center. You can view and update your communication classifications, and as your needs grow, you can join additional topics, products, and services you want to hear about—all in one place, ensuring you receive the right communication, at the right time, to the right location.

Leveling up partner communications: key resources to know about

We want to reiterate a few things we’ve accomplished thanks to your specific requests to make it easier to do business with ConnectWise. I encourage our partners to bookmark these resources:

My Account Team Lookup

ConnectWise has introduced a new tool—my account team lookup—where you can get a quick reminder of all the contacts associated with your account, including a direct way to email them individually. This tool lives centrally at the top of the Partner Experience page on, so it’s readily available to you whenever you need it.

ConnectWise Product and Services Status page

You asked us to move our hosting status page to an open, public-facing site and improve status update communications. So last summer, we launched the ConnectWise Product and Services Status page, a new systems status page at There you can subscribe to real-time alerts for any ConnectWise product/service in any region. I encourage you to subscribe to push notifications if you haven’t yet.


We also committed to publishing more frequent roadmaps. So, this time last year, we began posting our monthly roadmaps and hosting live and on-demand webinars to discuss them and answer your questions.

Partner Communication Channels page

Also, at the suggestion of our community members, we published the Partner Communication Channels resource page to provide more transparency into what to expect from us and when—and to point you to key communication resources available to you.

ConnectWise Virtual Community

This year, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the ConnectWise Virtual Community. Please remember to sign up for this community to access and engage with our product managers and other subject matter experts who are in this forum daily to interact with you and your peers. We’ve got over fifty ConnectWise colleagues in there daily and this is one of the fastest ways to access our experts.

The work continues

As these examples show, we are dedicated to supporting your success, taking action on your feedback, and delivering tools and resources that address your expressed needs so you can get back to your business priorities. Again, if you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you and your teams to bookmark all these resources and subscribe where appropriate.

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