Upcoming enhancements to our case management

| By: Geoffrey Willison

As part of our commitment to be easier to do business with, ConnectWise is moving to an industry-leading enterprise case management system that makes it easier for you to initiate and see the status of tickets—all while streamlining multiple systems into one on our side, which will enable us to respond faster and serve you better.

We want to take a few minutes to outline how ConnectWise will be managing your tickets, or, as you’ll see us call it moving forward, your cases. Nothing changes for you today. We’ll be introducing phase one of this system as part of a planned maintenance update on Saturday, January 14, 2023. At that point, you may notice a bit of a different user interface (UI) when submitting a case or interacting with us. And if you’re interested in an enhanced experience, we encourage you to submit a case directly through ConnectWise Home.

A cause for change

Over time, we’ve collected your feedback on our ticketing system and have identified challenges that have been driving the future changes you’ll see with our case management process, including:

  • Recent acquisitions mean we have a handful of partner-facing ticket management tools to maintain and support
  • Over 900 ConnectWise global colleagues across different teams are using separate processes internally to respond to partner inquiries
  • Disparate views of information on our side led to challenges to our partners’ experience

Considering what’s best for our partners

We have an opportunity to improve your experience. To address the elements outlined above, we are moving to an industry-leading enterprise case management tool in January 2023. As we roll out these enhancements, you’ll start feeling the positive changes with our enhanced case management process.

However, you may be wondering why we would move off our award-winning ConnectWise PSA (previously Manage)—in fact, it’s quite simple. We analyzed our existing partner-base and found our own use case, as a growing enterprise SaaS company, is different from the business and operating model of the partners we serve.

I want to reiterate: ConnectWise PSA successfully handles our partners’ use cases and our investment in it is as strong as ever.

This change gives us the ability to focus our product development efforts for our partners’ benefit instead of our own internal use.

What to expect moving forward

Starting January 14, if you need to submit a case, you can do so the same way you would today. If you use chat in PSA—go ahead! If you’re using an email connector and sending a request to help@connectwise.com or billing@connectwise.com, that will work too. What you might notice is a slight difference in your UI.

If you visit ConnectWise Home, that’s where you’ll see the most change and get the most enhanced experience. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is the ability to submit a case that reaches any ConnectWise department you might want to chat with including account management, billing, partner care, and others. You’ll also get direct visibility into your cases, access to known issues, and self-search via a portal on the home page. During the submission process through our new form, you’ll be asked for additional information so we can ensure your query is sent to the right team; in order to improve your experience and resolution time.

Now, it’s important to note, like many technology introductions, this is the first phase of our rollout. We look forward to expanding the new case management experience soon to other areas like ConnectWise NOC, SOC, Help Desk Services, Command, RMM, BCDR (formerly Recover), and other products that use the Asio platform (ITS portal) for ticket management. If you use any of these products, as of January 14, you can continue to use the Asio platform as you normally would, and you can visit ConnectWise Home to access non-product, support-related content like account management, billing, and more.

Anticipated benefits

As we complete this rollout, we expect this change to provide you with with numerous benefits:

  • Faster responses to inquiries because cases will be triaged with less back-and-forth as we’re collecting more required information at initial submission.
  • Better initial routing of cases ensuring your case lands with the right team from the start.
  • ConnectWise colleagues will have a full record of your account—so when you’re on the phone with our team, you know they have the full picture of your previous engagements with us.
  • Improved case monitoring and analytics with closed-loop reporting so we can improve our processes, leading to better customer service for you.

Share your feedback

We are excited to share more information with you over the coming weeks and months as we move toward this new functionality.

The intent of this change is to transform your case experience by unifying and simplifying our systems and processes, leveraging automation, and providing greater visibility to trusted data. This will improve speed of response, the quality of resolution, and, hopefully, increase your satisfaction.

Thank you for your patience and support as we improve our processes to serve you better.