We’re bringing back the ScreenConnect name

| By:
Ciaran Chu

After joining ConnectWise last year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many ConnectWise partners. I quickly learned that you face the challenge of scaling your workforce during a global shortage of skilled technical resources. You rely on solutions that allow you to connect to an end user’s screen to solve problems, reducing site visits and saving time and money.   

Something else that frequently came up in these conversations is your affinity for the “ScreenConnect” name. We’ve heard the feedback from our MSP community, and today we’re officially announcing that ConnectWise Control is returning to its roots and has been rebranded back to ConnectWise ScreenConnect™. It’s all the functionality our partners love with a new (yet very familiar) name. 

In addition, as you may have noticed this past year, we continue to invest in our brand architecture across the ConnectWise portfolio of solutions. This included simplifying all solution names to ensure they are straightforward and descriptive of their functionalities and capabilities and that they reflect more commonly used industry terms. In this case, ConnectWise ScreenConnect is more descriptive of the product and familiar to many customers who have used the application under this original name for years. 

Here are a couple more things you should know about why we made this change back to ScreenConnect: 

  • It is known as a reliable brand across many, many industries that are trusted to maintain businesses of all sizes throughout the pandemic 
  • It takes us back to our innovative roots as a security-focused partner that can drive emerging technology through a digital reimagining of remote access, augmented reality, and access management  

Moving forward, you will see ConnectWise ScreenConnect on our website, invoices, documentation, support articles, marketing materials, etc. This change is in name only and does not imply any modifications to existing contracts or offerings. 

What’s next for ScreenConnect 

The renaming is just the start of accelerating our offerings and improving our communication to better serve each partner’s transformation journey. Our strategy will continue to help you proactively and securely control the end user experience in real-time.   

We would love to hear more from you on how we can help position your business for success. Continue to let your voice be heard, and contact us here with any feedback