Product certifications

Role-based ConnectWise platform training

Shift your use of ConnectWise products into high gear

ConnectWise Certify product certifications are here to help you get the most out of the ConnectWise products you use every day. Improve your sales, finance, and service skills with ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage). Give your service delivery a boost with ConnectWise Automate. Put automation to work in your quote and proposal process with ConnectWise CPQ.

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Sales certification

The ConnectWise PSA sales certification gets your sales team on track by showing you how to build processes and implement a framework for a non-stop sales pipeline.

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Finance certification

Stay profitable and capture every bit of revenue by streamlining your invoicing process and ensuring you don’t let any billable time and materials slip through the cracks with the ConnectWise PSA finance certification.

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Service certification

Let your service team shine with the ConnectWise PSA service certification. Learn about efficiency techniques and processes you can implement to bring more value to your services.

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Certified expert

Leverage the basic key components of Automate to transform your business processes from reactive to proactive. Learn the fundamentals of monitoring and scripting to save time, money, and frustration.

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Certified professional

Build on your Automate Expert Certification and grow your business’s operational maturity. Increase your knowledge with advanced features and customized automation.

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Quote and proposal certifications

Let your sales team get back to selling with the ConnectWise CPQ quote and proposal certification. Learn basic components, features, and requirements to get the most out of your use of ConnectWise CPQ.

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