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Shed light on your clients’ biggest security risks with ConnectWise Identify

When it comes to cybersecurity, what your clients don’t know can hurt them. Keeping them safe starts with asking questions. With ConnectWise Identify Assessment, uncover risks across your clients’ entire business. With a risk report in hand, you can start having meaningful security conversations that can get you on the path to keeping clients protected from every angle.

Dive into the features of ConnectWise Identify Assessment

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Risk assessments are based on the internationally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework. NIST-based assessments are designed to be used as a guideline to be better prepared in identifying, detecting, and responding to security risks—on and off the network.

Strategic security assessments

Access a variety of assessment tools and options depending on your customer’s current security posture, from high-level security risk scans to in-depth assessments covering risks across their entire organization.

Easy-to-understand results

Get a comprehensive visual of security vulnerabilities your customers are facing. Intuitive heat maps highlight the overall risk level and prioritizes threats so you can address these risks based on probability of occurrence and the financial impact to their business.

CISO-recommended remediation

What would take you days to assess and suggest, can now be done in a fraction of the time. Each risk assessment report includes remediation recommendations to help you create a revenue-generating action plan.

Customer-friendly risk report

Reports are crafted using common language for clarity and understanding—no matter how technically savvy the recipient is. Decision-makers will appreciate the flow and design that can be customized with your TSP’s branding.

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Attestation letter

Limit your risk with a written agreement of the security services and recommendations your clients decline with a templated letter of attestation. Delivery and eSignature are automated, and the signed letter is stored in your CRM or system of record.

Global customer reporting

Get a holistic view of all assessments you’ve run and the risk posture across your entire client base. This can help you formulate a real basis for your pitch to customers who may be hesitant to buy into the ConnectWise identify proposition.

ConnectWise PSA™ integration

Track risk assessments within your client records in ConnectWise PSA. This seamless integration is designed to keep customer data up to date and complete, including all risk assessments and letters of attestation generated by ConnectWise Identify. 

What can it do for your TSP?

Gain trust around cybersecurity

By instituting a long-term consultative approach to cybersecurity with your customers, you can change your reputation as a reactive, incident-based partner to a strategic, proactive partner. You’ll undoubtedly build trust and improve client relationships as a result. 

High-value, low-cost

Enterprise-level risk assessments are time and resource intense projects that carry a hefty price tag. Enjoy the ability to offer your clients a high-value, comprehensive risk assessment in short order for just $99/month.

Flexible security assessment options

Whether you want a quick snapshot of risk factors for a new client with our Essential assessment, or want to go deeper into the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with a comprehensive assessment, ConnectWise Identify Assessment gives you and your customers flexible options.

Improve your bottom line

Risk assessments identify real cybersecurity issues, giving you a roadmap to present advanced security recommendations to your customers—whether products or services. Turn these top risks into ongoing project work that yields a continuous stream of revenue. 

Focus on the most impactful solutions

Prioritize risky activities that leave many companies vulnerable to potentially damaging cybersecurity threats. The resulting assessment will help you focus your time on resolutions that will have the biggest impact to your customers’ safety.

“To prepare a security analysis usually requires a high level of resource involvement to perform the audit and correctly write up the output to present to the client. You’d end up having your best people do everything. ConnectWise Identify Assessment gave us the ability to produce a high-value security risk assessment of our clients with consistency and very minimal input on our end.”

-Complete IT Co UK
Cybersecurity awareness counts

Based on more than 1,000 risk assessments performed through ConnectWise Identify Assessment, more than 65% of SMBs haven’t identified and documented cybersecurity vulnerabilities or threats. Are your customers aware of their risk factors? Here’s your opportunity to add value and secure more business.

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