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Tyneso drives double-digit growth with deeper customer relationships with ConnectWise

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Quality– Tyneso meets higher SLAs with lower downtime

Revenue– Double-digit annual growth fuels new investment

Business– New solution offerings and a more aggressive growth plan are transforming the firm’s business

When Tyneso’s services model bogged down in day-to-day firefighting, the firm needed a way to shift to higher-level customer needs and become a trusted advisor.
Tyneso’s ConnectWise partnership makes it possible to offer high-quality service without losing focus on business development and growth.
Tyneso has improved both quality and revenue for its evolving business.

“We had plateaued as a business before ConnectWise. Now I have the peace of mind to leave and meet with new prospects, and our revenues now grow at a double-digit rate every year.”

- Steven Tytgat, Founder/Managing Director, Tyneso

Founded in 2005 as a value-added hardware reseller, Tyneso soon shifted to a services model to give its customers even greater value. “We’re in a relationship business,” explains Tyneso Founder and Managing Director Steven Tytgat. “We’re not selling commodity products on a one-off basis. By serving as a trusted advisor for the long term, we help people transform their business to become more efficient and productive.”

Early in this transition, Tyneso found that day-to-day firefighting made it hard to focus on higher-level customer needs. “Our biggest problem was waking to discover that a server had gone down overnight, and a customer had been losing productivity. We needed a way to provide 24/7 service.” With only a small in-house team at that stage, Tyneso needed to find an outsourcing partner of its own. “We were looking for a solution with people behind it, and only ConnectWise offered the round-the-clock coverage through its own Network Operations Center (NOC).”

Tyneso now relies on ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution, to manage and monitor every server and endpoint it maintains, backed by ConnectWise NOC services. Smaller customers with on-site servers also use ConnectWise Recover™, formerly a Continuum solution, for backup and recovery, and every customer gets ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management, formerly a Continuum solution, as well. “We’re actively pushing security solutions—we don’t want our customers to get hacked,” says Tytgat.

High-quality services mean happy customers

“Ten years ago, you’d expect a server to crash now and then,” says Tytgat. “Today, people expect nothing ever to go wrong.” With the ConnectWise NOC and Security Operations Center (SOC) on the job, Tyneso can provide round-the-clock coverage without having to grow its own technical staff. Delivering on higher SLAs with less downtime, the firm no longer worries about waking up to bad news. “Our customers are happier, and we’re more relaxed. That’s good because burnout can be a problem in the MSP business.”

Revenues grow—and so does the business

Constant firefighting had previously made it hard for Tytgat to focus on growth. “We had plateaued as a business before ConnectWise,” says Tytgat. “Now I have the peace of mind to leave and meet with new prospects, and our revenues now grow at a double-digit rate every year. I’ve even been able to invest in building a new office for our firm.”

Tyneso now has aggressive growth plans targeting companies of 50–500 employees. “It’s very hard to find IT guys in our Benelux and German markets, and they’re expensive, so scaling up can be a major challenge. We’ve chosen to grow with ConnectWise. By letting them handle day-today RMM and firefighting, we can devote our resources to assisting our customers in developing a strategic IT plan for the future, as well as maintaining our current customer relationships,” says Tytgat.

New offerings and deeper support strengthen relationships

The addition of security to Tyneso’s service offerings has been powerful for both the firm and its customers. “ConnectWise MDR™ and ConnectWise Endpoint Policy Management™ was an eye-opener for us,” says Tytgat. “ConnectWise helped us develop a better security business than we could have built ourselves. Instead of having to assemble our own offering, everything we need is in the portal. That means ConnectWise partners can go to market tomorrow instead of six months from now.” By upselling its existing customers to its new security offerings, Tyneso can increase revenue per customer at the same time it grows its customer base.

The dedicated technical staff provided by ConnectWise for Tyneso provide greater value. “We’ve got techs trained by ConnectWise who work exclusively for us, which means we can teach them more about our customers’ business. It’s so much more effective than just providing generalist, one-size-fits-all service,” says Tytgat.

Looking back—and looking ahead

Reflecting on his firm’s experience with ConnectWise, Tytgat offers this advice for other MSPs: “You have to look at ConnectWise or any other vendor as an ecosystem, not just a standalone product because that’s where the value lies. If ConnectWise MDR™ and ConnectWise Endpoint Policy Management™ raises an antivirus alert on a customer’s server, a ConnectWise NOC staffer can come in through ConnectWise Command to restore the file. That’s much simpler than having to work through multiple vendor products to do the same thing.” The ConnectWise platform also includes the community of peer customers and industry partners, which Tytgat recommends engaging with. “It helps you improve and sharpen the solutions you deliver to your customers.”

Tytgat is confident that ConnectWise will keep pace with its needs as its business grows. “ConnectWise is continuing to meet new needs and solve new problems. Last year we were concerned about ransomware, and ConnectWise provided the solution we needed when we needed it.” With the peace of mind ConnectWise makes possible, Tytgat is currently transitioning out of hands-on project work to focus on new business development, maintaining customer relationships, and strategic growth. “If you’re in a restaurant with a prospective customer and they see you getting constant panicked calls on your phone, they’re going to look elsewhere. With ConnectWise, we can relax and do business.”

Remote Monitoring & Management Software with Proactive Services

ConnectWise Command is a scalable remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution with built-in NOC services providing technology solution providers (TSPs) with the tools and services they need to exceed end-user expectations and grow their businesses. Intelligent alerting and ticketing, intuitive scripting and automation, and certified NOC technicians empower TSPs to provide proactive, high-value support across any device or environment, including servers, desktops, networks, and mobile devices.

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