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Greystone Technology builds out its team with experts—not admins—with ConnectWise

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Quality– Customers have called out the consistent execution and effortless experiences that differentiate Greystone’s services

Revenue– By hiring the kind of people who drive real growth, Greystone is on track to be a $20 million company in five years

Business– By tapping into the ConnectWise ecosystem for comprehensive services, Greystone has expanded its revenue within each customer

To provide the high-value strategic guidance customers need today, Greystone had to devote its staffing budget to IT experts—not NOC technicians.
Greystone complements its in-house expertise with broad, deep coverage and day-to-day support delivered by ConnectWise.
Greystone’s ConnectWise partnership has helped it fulfill its model of high-value, highly profitable services delivered by high-level experts.

“Technology has gotten easier, but not simpler. Anyone can set up their own cloud services without IT people, but they need help understanding how parts fit together. This is the new job that most IT people are not ready for. That’s where our ConnectWise partnership is so valuable. We don’t want to hire network operations center (NOC) technicians—we want to hire expert consultants who connect with customers in a deeper way. Not having to staff on both sides is big for us and for our clients.”

-Peter Melby, CEO, Greystone Technology

Peter Melby recognized early how important it was to provide a great experience. Working as a tech for hire while still in high school, he saw that “IT was generally not a positive interaction for the businesses it was serving, whether internal or outsourced.” When he founded Greystone Technology with a partner, he was determined to focus not just on technologies, processes, and systems, but also on the kind of people who could provide a higher level of value for customers. “Our motto was: good IT people solve problems, but great IT people know what problems they’re solving.”

Finding the right partner was key. “We needed someone to handle the operational side so we could invest in people who wanted to do bigger things for customers,” says Melby. Over time, this approach has proven all the more essential. “IT is both simpler and more nuanced today,” says Melby. “Anyone can run their own cloud resources without IT people, but they need help understanding how all the parts fit together to support business processes. That’s where our ConnectWise partnership is so valuable. We don’t want to hire network operations center (NOC) technicians—we want to hire expert consultants who connect with customers in a deeper way. Not having to staff on both sides is big for us and for our clients.”

A comprehensive suite of ConnectWise solutions, including ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution, ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management, formerly a Continuum solution, and ConnectWise Recover™, formerly a Continuum solution, provides the broad, high-quality coverage Greystone Technology was looking for. With ConnectWise’s help, Greystone Technology has grown its team from just six people in 2006 to 85 today—without having to devote headcount to routine operations.

Consistent service ensures that nothing falls through the cracks

“Quality for us means making sure things don’t fall through the cracks,” says Melby. “To work deeply with clients, capitalize on their needs, bring solutions, and drive revenue, we have to make sure our ducks are in a row with table stakes. With ConnectWise Command, ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management, and ConnectWise Recover, we don’t have to worry.” Beyond ensuring day-to-day consistency, the ability to escalate major issues to the ConnectWise NOC helps Greystone Technology drive more revenue with its own staff. “When we can avoid pulling in one of our techs who’s better off talking strategy with a client, that’s a big win from a profitability perspective.”

Those strategy conversations are central to Greystone Technology’s value proposition. “We come into a lot of relationships where IT has done the technical things correctly, but they haven’t connected to what it does for the business or paid attention to usability. The biggest compliment we get is that our service was effortless for the client,” says Melby.

Smart growth drives real profitability

“One of the biggest challenges for any MSP is that to serve more clients, you have to hire more people. You end up having to either hire the people first, and then eat their cost while you sell into that capacity or take on new clients before you staff up and get overwhelmed. It’s hard to find the sweet spot,” says Melby. “ConnectWise scales with us by putting a huge staff behind us, so new growth opportunities don’t have to mean adding a lot of headcount. It means we can hire the kind of people who want to do deep things without also having to hire people who just look at logs all day. We can bring on strategic thinkers who drive real growth and enable higher-margin services.”

A broad ecosystem provides a solid foundation

“Our partnership with ConnectWise puts us in position to show both depth and breadth,” says Melby. “When we were smaller, we realized we had to be able to cover all the bases from a resource perspective. Now our 85 people can cover more ground, but we still don’t have a specialty in every possible area. It’s amazing to be able to go into the market and say that we have all these great people in-house, and can also leverage specialized skill sets through ConnectWise, with a whole network to escalate issues to. We legitimately have it all at our fingertips.” According to Melby, this ready-for-anything capability helps differentiate Greystone Technology from less agile MSPs that are slower to respond to new opportunities.”

Looking ahead

Melby also appreciates the agility that ConnectWise provides for his own business. “The ConnectWise staff listens to what we need as a partner, and they put it into action quickly. I haven’t seen other companies in channel be that responsive. They know so much more about our business than any other vendor and use that information to deliver solutions that help us do what we need to.” Melby sees a focus on both quality and innovation at work. “There’s a lot of trust in our partnership not just for what ConnectWise is doing now, but for how they think about our business and provide a future-looking platform.” As Greystone Technology leverages its ConnectWise relationship to deepen its relationships with its customers, the firm is thinking big about the future, with plans to become a $20 million company within the next three years.

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