Datto vs. ConnectWise RMM

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If you’re currently using Datto RMM, this page is for you. MSPs need to constantly update to the most innovative tools to remain competitive. You owe it to yourself to find the next-gen fit for your RMM needs. ConnectWise RMM is built on our new ConnectWise Asio platform, which combines the best of the both worlds: out-of-the-box automation coupled with the robust automation needed to deliver customized services to your customers. ConnectWise RMM uses proprietary technology to aggregate software and human elements to provide MSPs with an immediate ROI. The intelligent monitoring engine is consistently updated to keep you ahead of the technology your teams manage. Top that off with the ability to add on our expert services, including NOC and Help Desk, for added value to your team and your customers. This solution is catered to meet the needs of MSPs looking to deliver strong service to their clients, helping you scale your business, be more efficient, and further overall profitability.

ConnectWise RMM: key features for MSPs

Having a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform you can rely on is crucial to growing your MSP business. See how ConnectWise RMM can revolutionize the way your business grows and scales with these key features.

Intelligent automation

ConnectWise RMM is equipped with our proprietary automation engine, intelligent monitoring, helping partners see all insights and data from endpoints managed via the Asio platform.

Our intelligent alerting tech helps combine related events into a single ticket, making sure that MSP are only getting the alerts they absolutely need to see.  One of our partners managed to have 150-200 tickets autocleared each day using this method; read our case study with Epsilon, Inc to learn more.

Never worry about patch management again

ConnectWise RMM promotes proactive patch management. Our NOC (network operations center) tests and researches all Microsoft patch rollout, performing whitelisting and blacklisting to make sure risk is minimized and partners can push out patches in confidence.

24/7 Support via NOC

While your team is scaling up, your clients may need support you can’t provide on your own. Our NOC, which RMM partners can purchase separately with a do-it-for-you approach, provides 24/7/365 support in the following key areas:

• Monitoring
• Troubleshooting
• Issue resolution

With your NOC as an extension of your team, your staff can focus on the work that’s going to drive growth and revenue.

Drive ROI through ease-of-use

ConnectWise RMM helps MSPs achieve unified monitoring and management through their “one source of truth,” and perhaps most importantly, drives ROI by doing so.

Our RMM partners start with an alert-tuning experience to help reduce reactive tickets early in the process. In addition, between the ease-of-use of the system and the ability to add on NOC services, your team can get more accomplished without any added effort.

Datto RMM vs. ConnectWise RMM: side-by-side

If you’re wondering what Datto RMM is like in comparison to ConnectWise RMM, look no further. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Datto vs. ConnectWise to help ease your decision-making process.

Datto RMM ConnectWise RMM
Users have to manually sift through or find an automation solution for the data and insights they pull from their endpoints Automatically can combine events into single tickets to save time and get better insights with the Intellimon automation engine
Does not have patch testing Offers patch testing to ensure a safe rollout to all devices
Only can patch for Windows Can patch Windows and Mac
Build out your remote monitoring and management with ConnectWise

If you’re ready to take your RMM platform to the next level and looking for something more innovative than Datto RMM, request a Connectwise product demo and experience the results true automation can provide your MSP business. 

If you have any questions, or for a more in-depth consultation on what ConnectWise’s RMM platform can do for your business, contact us today. Let us provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

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What is RMM?

RMM is the process by which MSPs and other IT professionals can manage and monitor client systems remotely. Doing this successfully allows MSP businesses to scale without taking on the burden of massive overhead expenses.

What does RMM stand for?

RMM stands for remote monitoring and management.

What is RMM software?

RMM software is any application that assists in the remote monitoring and management of an organization’s digital assets or IT estate. These platforms monitor system health, conduct network scans, and more advanced platforms can even stop cybersecurity threats before they start.

Who uses RMM software?

RMM software is used by MSPs, system administrators, and other IT professionals. Anyone looking to scale their IT business without taking on the expenses of hiring more team members or expanding their office space can benefit from RMM software.