Introducing ConnectWise MDR™ with SentinelOne for modern cybersecurity defense

| By:
John Helms

Protecting your clients' data and systems has never been more crucial. While essential in the past, traditional antivirus and firewalls can't fully provide the comprehensive cybersecurity needed to face the complexity of modern, ever-changing threats.

The right solution demands more than technology—it requires cybersecurity experts to help manage the volume of alerts generated by endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems and to launch an appropriate response when threats are detected.

Why software + cybersecurity expertise matters

While EDR can significantly enhance cybersecurity beyond what preventative, signature-based tools can do, relying on it without the insights of trained cybersecurity professionals can be risky. The complexity of the cybersecurity landscape—including the rising number of endpoints and the increasing type, severity, and frequency of threats—requires trained experts to proactively hunt for threats, monitor alerts, and provide guidance when threats surface. Missed threats or inadequate threat response can mean the difference between a minor incident and a severe attack, impacting your clients and your business.

Managed service providers (MSPs) don't have to experience the time-consuming and costly process of hiring cybersecurity experts. Partnering with a trusted security operations center (SOC) for managed services can be a true extension of your team, helping you bridge the gap and ensure optimal, 24/7/365 protection with less stress and at a lower cost.

Introducing ConnectWise MDR with SentinelOne

ConnectWise MDR with SentinelOne combines the right software and services for the comprehensive, seamless, and scalable cybersecurity protection demanded by modern managed services providers (MSPs) and their clients.

With ConnectWise MDR, your SentinelOne alerts are continuously monitored. Human-led escalations via certified and highly-trained SOC experts at ConnectWise keep you informed whenever action is required, helping stop incidents from becoming severe attacks and breaches. This level of support means you can give your customers highly effective, enterprise-grade managed monitoring and detection.

Our SOC is also backed by proprietary threat research and intelligence from the ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit (CRU), which helps them proactively hunt and investigate threats, giving you worry-free protection 24/7/365.

It's a solution that gives you the best combination of software and services that is easy to sell and profitable without the challenges and expenses of building and maintaining your SOC.

Do even more with ConnectWise

We go beyond just providing cybersecurity solutions; we help improve the way you do business. Our integrated ConnectWise Asio™ platform offers comprehensive tools to streamline your cybersecurity workflows and boost productivity.

With ConnectWise RMM™, you can effortlessly map and deploy SentinelOne agents on designated endpoints and retrieve and display agent details within Asio. ConnectWise PSA™ simplifies usage data gathering, enabling accurate client-level reconciliation, reducing manual billing processes, and eliminating errors. Moreover, it creates automated and synchronized MDR tickets in the SOC ticketing system, eliminating the need for ticket transfers between platforms.


ConnectWise MDR with SentinelOne offers a comprehensive solution for modern MSPs and their clients, providing seamless and scalable cybersecurity protection. MSPs can provide their customers with highly effective, enterprise-grade managed monitoring and detection, ensuring their data and systems are safe and secure. Learn more today >>