ConnectWise Access Management™: Simplify elevated access requests with least-privilege controls

| By:
Ciaran Chu

During IT Nation Connect 2021, ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee presented three partner commitments from ConnectWise.

  • More innovation, faster
  • Invest even more in your growth
  • Easier to do business with

It’s with these three partner commitments in mind that we welcome the release of ConnectWise Access Management™, a new product that gives partners the tools to secure, monitor, and control access across their environment. ConnectWise Access Management features include credential-less temporary administrative login accounts and credential-less approval and denial of end user elevation requests.   

This product release meets all three promises:

1. More innovation, faster

ConnectWise Access Management is a project originating from the ConnectWise Innovation Lab, which focuses on developing new products that solve our partners’ challenges. The team learned that the use of shared credentials is a major problem for partners, but a zero-trust process can create a frustrating experience that doesn’t seem “worth it” to their customers. That’s where the concept of least privilege access comes in. With Access Management, partners can give the right permissions to the right people and address elevation requests in real time without sacrificing productivity, usability, and scalability.

2. Invest even more in your growth

This commitment informed how we designed and developed Access Management. As partner businesses grow and handle more and more clients, securely handling credentials becomes even more important. Shared credentials, while convenient, are often a vector of attack. ConnectWise Access Management provides a streamlined way to handle elevation requests and administrative login requests. Techs save time by automating approvals or denials of elevation requests with triggers, and a fast, real-time process is available for manual approvals.

While Access Management on its own is integral to a seamless lead-privilege process, a full integration with ConnectWise Control offers even more functionality and benefits*, including credential-less logins, generating approvals from within the host client, and conducting remote sessions without entering admin credentials.

*You must have both ConnectWise Control and ConnectWise Access Management licenses for all benefits.

3. Easier to do business with

Our goal is to bring Access Management to you with as little friction as possible. This product is available for purchase as an addon right from the ConnectWise Control cloud, handled in the same area where you can add an additional license to your instance. Setting up Access Management is easy and should only take a few minutes to configure. Best of all, Access Management is tied to the ConnectWise Control agent, so there is no additional agent to install on your existing machines.

We are offering a try-before-you-buy promotion to ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Command, ConnectWise RMM, and ConnectWise Control partners. If you have a license to one or more of these products, the trial will be available directly in your instance on November 9.

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