ConnectWise and Wise-Sync bringing ease to payments space

| By:
Jake Varghese

We are thrilled about the news shared at IT Nation Connect, Gold Coast, that ConnectWise has acquired Wise-Sync — the industry’s cutting-edge payment integration service that offers tools like Wise-Pay, a payment automation solution, and Wise-Sync, an end-to-end accounting sync platform.

I connected with Paul MacNeill, founder of Wise-Sync, before the event to discuss how Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay will bolster ConnectWise’s offerings. Check out our conversation below!

Jake: Hey Paul – thanks for making time to talk with me. Alright, give me some background on Wise-Sync – where did the idea come from? How did it evolve towards introducing Wise-Pay?

Paul: It all started in 2012 when I was running my own MSP and felt the pain of managing cash flow; at the time we were 48 days in receivables and I needed a solution. With the growing success of cloud accounting, and the ease that it brought our business I set out to build Wise-Sync to sync and Wise-Pay to integrate to ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage). Thanks to Wise-Pay’s payment automation, by the time I successfully sold my MSP our accounts receivable days were zero, meaning cash was in the bank on the first day of every month, bringing unbelievable time savings. I’m grateful my story has helped so many MSP’s in the same position over the last decade.

Jake: So great – love hearing the origin stories of companies like Wise-Sync – so many of the MSPs that we work with at ConnectWise have similar stories – they saw a need, and went after it!

Paul: Absolutely – spirit of innovation is alive and well over here! Which begs the question for me – ConnectWise is already a big company – what makes a company like Wise-Sync an attractive acquisition?

Jake: ConnectWise is always looking for areas to grow. It’s clear there’s a need for this technology for our partners, there’s room for growth, and you and your team are also a great fit for our culture – we're thrilled to have you on board!

Paul: It’s our love of karaoke, isn’t it?

Jake: That and the cool innovation happening in the payments space. There’s no doubt that payments is a tricky arena – you all are doing it well. You have incredibly high ratings in our marketplace and elsewhere. We take the feedback partners provide throughout our ecosystem seriously – and our favorite types of feedback are indicators of a group doing a great job.

Paul: Well thanks, the team has worked incredibly hard to get here. I’m excited to be able deliver even more value with the backing of ConnectWise and the support of our customers.

Jake: Good to hear – we have big plans together!

Paul: We can’t wait to dive in – with ConnectWise’s breadth of tech experts, global partner base, thought leadership and insights on what MSPs need to be successful – we are eager to mine the ConnectWise research and intelligence to leap-frog ahead of what we could do on our own!

Jake: Well, I know you’re familiar with the ConnectWise family already – how do you think the team will feel about joining us?

Paul: A few of us are officially “boomerang” employees now! So the good news is we already feel familiar. I’ve watched ConnectWise acquire others and it seems they’ve done so with the utmost care to their colleagues, partners, and the products they’re onboarding. We aren’t expecting anything overnight – but we are certainly excited about the opportunities ahead and collaborating with utmost professionals.

Jake: Now it’s my turn to say thanks! I’m still new to ConnectWise overall, I've had a great onboarding experience as well. Alright, last question: what is your recommendation for a food I have to try while I’m in town?

Paul: Without a doubt, it has to be our wine, it’s the best in the world. If you can make it to South Australia, you must visit d'Arenberg, it’s an incredible experience. Otherwise, we can share their Dead Arm Shiraz – you must try it.

Jake: Consider it done – if you’ll join me for a toast! Thanks so much for chatting with me, Paul – and a big welcome to you and the Wise-Sync team. Can’t wait to deliver great things together.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, you can
join a webinar with Paul MacNeil on Sept 6 EDT or Sept 7 AEST by registering here. (Link will take you to the recording after event is complete.)