Empowering MSPs with community, product innovation, and strategic partnerships


To showcase our commitment to partners, we are continuously working to foster an unmatched global community, enhance our industry investment, deliver purposeful product innovation, and offer strategic partnerships within the ecosystem. 

As a proud industry leader, our goal is to invest in areas that empower our partners to achieve success in the ever-changing managed service provider (MSP) landscape. 

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the ways ConnectWise has worked recently to help MSPs realize their vision of success.  

Significant growth for empowered MSPs  

A remarkable 45% of MSPs working with ConnectWise have reported consistent 20% year-over-year profit or EBITDA growth. This impressive achievement is further highlighted by the fact that we’ve onboarded over 2,100 new partners within the past 12 months. Also, the ConnectWise security operations center (SOC) has played a crucial role to keep MSPs protected while they grow. Each day the SOC works 24/7 to mitigate more than 9,500 cyberattacks.  

The IT Nation  

We believe in the value of community. Connecting like-minded professionals allows MSPs to tap into a wealth of resources, insights, and experiences that contribute to long-term success. Since its launch over two decades ago, ConnectWise continues to sponsor and invest in IT Nation. 

  • IT Nation Connect™  

In 2023, IT Nation Connect shattered records with over 7,000 MSPs in attendance, and—as a major contributing sponsor—we were able to showcase almost twenty innovations, including the launch of ConnectWise RPA™.  

  • Automation Nation  

In February 2024, Automation Nation was reintroduced to the IT Nation community, providing hands-on product training and actionable insights for hyperautomation and AI. 

  • IT Nation Grow 

In 2024, IT Nation Grow was also introduced. Grow is a one-day event designed to help MSPs strategically build their businesses for enhanced value and long-term growth. 

Investing in the vendor ecosystem 

IT Nation recently announced the sixth annual PitchIT. This competition provides a platform for startups in the MSP community to showcase their innovation and accelerate go-to-market and adoption for their solutions    

Continued innovation for hyperautomation 

MSPs are enthusiastically embracing ConnectWise Sidekick™ and RPA. The power of hyperautomation and generative AI is transforming the way MSPs handle tickets, with an estimated 25% of tickets expected to be seamlessly handled by automation and AI by 2024. These cutting-edge tools help MSPs automate more use cases, freeing up techs to support clients, and driving even more EBITDA growth.  

The first true MSP platform 

The ConnectWise Asio™ platform is the first platform as a service (PaaS) for MSPs and has revolutionized the power and potential for automation. Not only is Asio specifically designed for MSPs, but it also enables generative AI-driven insights and seamless automation across products through centralized data and common services.  

The unified data layer approach eliminates unnecessary costs associated with maintaining integrations for multiple products, resulting in significant savings. With hyperautomation at its core, the Asio platform offers a modern user experience and powerful extensibility for third-party products.  

Strategic partnerships 

ConnectWise recently announced the integration of Microsoft® Defender for Business with ConnectWise PSA™ and ConnectWise RMM™. This collaboration allows for further strengthening of the cybersecurity offerings available to our partners and enhances the capabilities of our platform, providing users with advanced security features and ensuring a robust defense against cyberthreats. 

Award-winning products 

Our dedication to product innovation has been recognized through numerous awards. In 2023 alone, we earned an impressive 27 awards. And already in 2024, we’ve received an additional 12—including the AI 100 and Partner Program Guide awards from CRN. These accolades highlight our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of technology providers. 

Your success is our success 

We're committed to investing in areas that empower our partners to achieve their vision of success. From our constant innovation and groundbreaking community to our cutting-edge solutions and strategic partnerships, we’re proud to be an industry leader serving the MSP community.