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Protect your business, and your customers

Network, application, and information security

Cybersecurity isn’t a checkbox solution. It encompasses the protection of your users, apps and data inside and outside of the office. Operational security (OPSEC) involves assessing, planning, managing, and training to help you defend against latest threats.

Your partner in cybercrime defense

By partnering with ConnectWise, you’ll have all the necessary tools to perform risk assessments and offer advanced threat detection. You’ll have a fully staffed and certified SOC, and gain the education and training needed to defend your own infrastructure.

Battle cyberattacks head-on from beginning to end

Be proactive about security

At the heart, security is all about finding and mitigating risk. Take a proactive approach to security by identifying and building a plan to address risks across your entire client base.

Deliver a valuable, high-margin service

Leave no security stone unturned. ConnectWise Identify offers Essential and Comprehensive risk assessments to spot risks across a client’s entire business, not just their network, for a low, monthly fee.

Develop revenue-generating roadmaps

With a risk assessment in hand, you can present your clients a clear and meaningful roadmap to better security through products or practice, and projects that can bring you value added revenue.

Protect your house

Your TSP, more specifically, your tools, are a prime target for cybercriminals. Assess risks across your business, lock down your RMM solutions, and protect yourself to better protect your clients.

Protect against ransomware and cyberattacks

Keep clients secure from known attacks and emerging threats with continuous threat monitoring, endpoint and network security, and managed threat detection and response capabilities.

Bridge the security skills gap

Our security operations center (SOC) network delivers around-the-clock monitoring, threat analysis, and rapid incident response to identify suspicious activity and stop cybercriminals in their tracks.

Show the value of your security services

Boost client confidence and show real ROI for your security services with assessment tools, client-facing reports, dashboards, and other enablement materials.

94% of SMB respondents would consider moving to a new MSP if they offered the ‘right’ cybersecurity solution.*
* The State of SMB Cybersecurity in 2022: The MSP opportunity amid the quest for continuous improvement

Dive into ConnectWise cybersecurity software & solutions

ConnectWise Fortify

From endpoint protection to regulation compliance, the ConnectWise Fortify product line gives you advanced cybersecurity tools to protect and benefit your entire customer base.

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ConnectWise Identify

ConnectWise Identify facilitates a more productive cybersecurity conversation with your clients by identifying risks across their entire business.

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Perch threat detection

Prevention alone can’t stop all threats. Perch helps you detect what you can’t stop with co-managed threat detection and rapid response.

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ConnectWise security integrations

Develop your layered cybersecurity strategy with the industry’s best-in-class cybersecurity solutions including Bitdefender and IBM MaaS360.

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“We had a customer hit with ransomware, and an hour later, we had their 1.5 TB server up and running with full data restoration. That was a big advantage for us—while ConnectWise handled the back-end response, we could focus the customer relationship at a critical moment.”

Michael Coopersmith, President/CEO, NYC ITS