Close security gaps in your clients’ endpoint defense

Next-generation endpoint security built for TSPs

ConnectWise delivers unique malware detection and remediation capabilities. Using innovative prevention technology, you’ll have visibility into the root causes and origins of threats and the ability to reverse malicious operations at an agile speed.

AI-powered monitoring

Behavioral AI continuously monitors and maps each running process for malicious behaviors, detecting many thousands of virus and malware attack variants as well as diagnosing root causes.

Complete response and remediation

When malicious behavior is detected, ConnectWise automatically initiates remediation steps to isolate the threat and contain potential damage. Additional measures include system rollback to a previous and acceptable risk state.

SOC at your service

Implement advanced operations without the need for in-house security expertise. The ConnectWise SOC works as an extension of your team, providing 24/7 monitoring and response to help remediate problems when they happen.

Enterprise-grade EDR Technologies

Our MDR leverages best-in-class endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions Bitdefender, Microsoft, and SentinelOne and pairs them with the ConnectWise SOC. This model brings the advanced threat detection capabilities leveraged by enterprise organizations and makes it consumable for MSPs and SMBs.