BrightGauge: Business Intelligence Reports & Dashboards

View all your data in one place to make faster, more informed business decisions

Forget toggling back and forth between tabs and logging in and out of different accounts to access the business intelligence (BI) dashboards you need. BrightGauge puts all your essential information in one place, giving you greater visibility so you can make more informed decisions. Customize BrightGauge dashboards and sync your most-used business tools in a BI dashboard software designed to give you ultimate visibility.

See the power of intuitive BrightGauge features

Calculated metrics

Automatically add, subtract, multiply, and divide one metric against another, so you know your numbers are always accurate.

Data source mashup

View all your business solutions and metrics at once with seamless BI dashboards for easier analyzing and reporting.


Automatically capture and input data points into charts to quickly identify and analyze patterns and trends.

Embedded gauges

Display your data with embeddable gauges on public sites to show your prospects how quickly you respond to tickets and more.

Quick Sync dashboards

Quick Sync gauges for ConnectWise PSA cloud and ConnectWise RMM use cases are available to show near real-time information for critical data points.

Unlock the benefits of next-level business intelligence

Increased automation

With the Snapshot tool, metrics are turned into charts automatically—giving your customer’s more transparency into your work and freeing up time for you to focus on other tasks. 


Over 40 BrightGauge integrations come with pre-built default gauges, so you can track your data right away and view your metrics from a single platform.


BrightGauge lets you choose how you view your data, what integrations to implement, and more, giving you more control over how you do business.

Without a plan and a way to measure success and excellence, it’s just smoke and mirrors. BrightGauge helps hold us accountable. Having this data at our fingertips takes the guessing game out of where we can improve.”

Brady Nash, CEO of BNG Team

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