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365 Days to Greatness: One Partner, One Year, One Amazing Story

Since opening in 2001, Techvera has grown from a one man break-fix operation into the premier name in IT support in North Texas.

CEO Reese Ormand took over the company from his father, who started out fixing computers from home. Ormand played his part by passing out door-hanger ads and watching his father’s business grow. In high school, he started working as a tech in his dad’s new store, where he developed a real love for the business. By the time he reached college, he was running his own calls and picking up clients. Now he’s focused on developing a competitive strategy and vision for Techvera, and nurturing the company’s culture and core values to foster client relationships and overall business success.


Techvera CEO Reese Ormand wanted to transition from reactive, break-fix services to a more proactive approach that allowed the team to have more control with less stress.


By finding a solution that supported his vision, Ormand shifted client perceptions about technology, allowing them to see it as a tool to energize their businesses.


Techvera improved their revenue potential tenfold compared to their original break-fix model, bringing in the same revenue on 5 managed services customers as they’d made on 50 break-fix accounts.

“I was able to replicate the same amount of revenue with 5 managed services clients as 50 break-fix clients, bringing in 4-5 times the margin at the end of the day.”

Reese Ormand, CEO, Techvera

An Epiphany

In November of 2014, Reese Ormand had what he describes as a “life-changing experience” when he attended his first IT Nation. It may be the premier industry event for technology solutions providers, but for Ormand and the Techvera team, it was so much more.

As a hosted guest at the event, Ormand got the chance to meet with experts from ConnectWise and with other technology professionals at every step along the journey from break-fix to MSP. He returned revitalized, full of new information and ready to take on the challenge of successfully navigating the transition to MSP. “It gave me an awareness that we were so behind the times, and we had to get going,” Ormand shared.


“It’s just a seamless integration between these products, and something you’re not going to find with any other competitors out there today.”

The Implementation Experience

Techvera implemented business management and remote monitoring & management (RMM) solutions from ConnectWise in early December, less than a month after returning from IT Nation. A lot of work went into preparations for implementation, and the company’s top performers were appointed as MSP Czar and RMM Administrator.

By January, Ormand and the team had booked their first managed services deal. “We were able to book the deal at a higher rate than our competitors,” Ormand explained, “because of the image, presentation, and delivery we presented. The past work we’d done for the client spoke volumes.”

Consistent Service Made Simple

The ConnectWise suite of products allowed Ormand and his team full visibility and proactive account management that gave them the power to provide consistent service without jumping through hoops.

Looking Ahead

“If I could go back and implement ConnectWise three years ago, I would be a millionaire now.” Now, he isn’t afraid to sing the praises of ConnectWise to anyone considering it. “Definitely get involved,” he urged. “Get connected to the community. If you’re interested in developing your business, or even yourself as a business professional, this is a great community of people to do that with.”

Techvera is on track for a projected 12% gross margin, with longer-term projections putting them at 18-22% in the next few years. “This is a very powerful model,” says Ormand. He is ready to take advantage of the current climate to build on the as-a-service movement and help propel his team to success.

For Ormand and the Techvera team, the ConnectWise suite is the perfect fit for anyone who is ready for a more efficient business and the right perspective for real growth. He has been happy to leave behind the old days of accounting in Quickbooks and cobbling together sale and quote information. Now he knows he can rely on one source to manage, grow, and scale his business. And he knows you can too.

“I’ve been very impressed with the level of involvement ConnectWise has with their partners—fostering growth and encouraging networking—and it’s been a great community that inspires me to be better.”

Ready for Managed Services?

Don’t miss out on the exponential growth of a managed services practice area. See how the ConnectWise suite supports your path to recurring revenue and scalability.

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Manage On Demand

Available on demand, this demo gives you a comprehensive view of how ConnectWise Manage works for you, covering: Service, Projects, Billing, Dashboards, Reporting, Sales, and Marketing.

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Automate On Demand

Register today for a demonstration of ultra-efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM). Learn about our features and functionality, and see firsthand how the power of automation can transform your business.

ConnectWise Automate Demo >>

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