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ITS NYC achieves better results for clients and its own business with ConnectWise

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Quality – Fast issue resolution has boosted customer satisfaction scores to 97% and beyond

Revenue – High per-employee productivity has helped boost revenue by $600,000

Business – Remote support tools help the small firm maintain truly global reach and responsiveness for its customers

Facing high staffing and real estate costs, ITS NYC needed to make more efficient use of its valuable engineering talent.
ITS NYC relies on ConnectWise solutions and technical expertise to provide comprehensive service wherever and whenever customers need it.
With ConnectWise, ITS NYC increased customer satisfaction, got more out of their employees, saw a boost in revenue, and became a truly global service provider in the process.

“We didn’t just buy a solution—we bought a relationship. The ConnectWise onboarding team worked closely with us to deploy our solutions the right way and continues to discuss our configurations in a regular standing call. We now have a partner behind us to help us maximize the use of our toolset and deliver the best for our clients.”

- Michael Coopersmith, President/CEO, ITS NYC

ITS NYC’s legacy monitoring and management tools were making it hard to deliver high-quality service on a reasonable financial model. “Our engineers were spending 25 – 40 percent of their time managing tools that weren’t reliable enough in the first place,” recalls Michael Coopersmith, President and CEO of ITS NYC. “Looking at the costs involved, it made more sense not to host our own tools. A partnership could free up time for my own staff, allow us to scale more effectively, and ensure a more reliable solution.” Located in New York City, with both salaries and real estate costs among the highest in the U.S., the opportunities to promote efficiency and optimize headcount were especially compelling.

Coopersmith heard from an industry colleague about ConnectWise’s success finding problems missed by other tools and decided to see for himself. “We put our servers on ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution, and saw immediate results. The solution reduced the amount of day-to-day noise our higher-level engineers had to deal with, so they could focus on more important issues.”

Beyond easing the burden on the firm’s staff, ConnectWise helped ITS NYC achieve better results for its customers. “We didn’t just buy a solution—we bought a relationship,” says Coopersmith. “The ConnectWise onboarding team worked closely with us to deploy our solutions the right way and continues to discuss our configurations in a regular standing call. We now have a partner behind us to help us maximize the use of our toolset and deliver the best for our clients.”

ITS NYC currently uses ConnectWise Command, backed by the ConnectWise Network Operations Center (NOC), ConnectWise Recover™, formerly a Continuum solution, for backup and recovery, and ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management, formerly a Continuum solution, backed by the ConnectWise Security Operations Center (SOC).

Fast issue resolution keeps customer satisfaction high

A classic problem in the MSP business is when an RMM tool fails to detect an overnight server outage—and the MSP has to learn of the problem from the customer in the morning. “ConnectWise Command is so much more reliable as a monitor—all those problems get resolved right away,” says Coopersmith. A unified toolset for patching has improved consistency to keep more issues from arising in the first place. As a result, the CSAT score ITS NYC uses to measure customer satisfaction has risen consistently since the beginning of its ConnectWise partnership. “Our CSAT was at 97% for last year, and we’re still climbing.”

Strong growth in employee productivity drives revenue higher

ITS NYC tracks the health of its business by a range of metrics, including revenue per employee, endpoints covered per employee, customer satisfaction, and ratings on each help desk ticket. Weekly review meetings keep the team’s eye on key areas of focus. With ConnectWise, the news has been consistently good. “Our revenue is up by $600,000 with ConnectWise, and we’ve been able to take on two new employees to keep scaling our business,” says Coopersmith.

A small firm extends its reach around the globe

Although ITS NYC is a boutique firm with a typical customer size of 10 – 50 endpoints, ConnectWise helps it maintain a broad geographic reach. “We have customers with field employees all over the country. ConnectWise gives us the tools to support them wherever they need help—in an airport, in a hotel, overseas, or anywhere business takes them. We can be wherever our clients need us to be at a moment’s time.”

Looking ahead

ITS NYC is continuing to evolve and grow its business to keep pace with industry trends, with ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management playing a central role. “Security and cloud will be key parts of our model,” says Coopersmith. “The more infrastructure we can move out of a customer’s office and into the cloud, the more we can provide secure enablement for their data. Any MSP that isn’t active in the security area will have a hard time finding success, and so will anyone who doesn’t have a solid cloud offering.”

Along the way, ITS NYC’s ConnectWise partnership gives it the same kind of confidence the firm provides for its own customers. “ConnectWise absolutely plays the same kind of role for us. The real test of a relationship isn’t when things are going well—it’s when there’s a bump in the road. With ConnectWise, there’s a team to work with and straighten it out. That human element is the biggest bonus.”

Cybersecurity Threat Detection & Response

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management takes cybersecurity threat detection and response to new heights. With powerful assessments, protection, detection, and response capabilities, technology solution providers (TSPs) are able to stay ahead of the latest threats and provide the security services their clients expect. Expert SOC services are available 24/7/365 to bridge the security skills gap and provide rapid threat response to TSP’s managed environments, allowing for scalable security services and around-the-clock protection.

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