ConnectWise Provides More Endpoint Protection Options for ConnectWise MDR

ConnectWise MDR seamlessly integrates with leading EDR solutions, empowering TSPs to close gaps in endpoint defense

Tampa, Fla., October 17, 2023 – ConnectWise, a leading provider of software solutions and services for technology solution providers (TSPs), today announced that ConnectWise MDR™ (managed detection and response) seamlessly integrates with  SentinelOne EDR (endpoint detection and response), giving TSPs the choice to use Bitdefender’s EDR, Microsoft Defender for Business, SentinelOne EDR, or ConnectWise. ConnectWise MDR customers can now leverage and combine leading EDR solutions with the ConnectWise SOC Services™ (Security Operations Center), delivering greater levels of threat research, detection, and remediation.

ConnectWise MDR provides TSPs with more flexibility when selecting preferred EDR solutions, wherever they purchased the EDR solution. By layering endpoint protection with the ConnectWise SOC Services, ConnectWise MDR   provides TSPs a better return on investment by relieving them from the burden of running their own SOC and providing round-the-clock monitoring and protection.

The projected annual cost of global cybercrime by 2025 is expected to reach 10.5 trillion dollars. With the number of endpoints and the type, severity, and frequency of threats increasing, many organizations need the insight of trained cyber professionals combined with the right EDR solution to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape. However, overlooking threats or launching inadequate responses could be the difference between a minor incident or a severe attack that brings down a partner or its customers’ businesses.

The ConnectWise SOC Services transforms MDR performance through its certified cybersecurity experts, who monitor and respond to TSP client threats 24/7, and the Cyber Research Unit (CRU) that creates proprietary threat research and intelligence, ensuring TSPs remain proactive to potential cybersecurity threats. 

"At ConnectWise, we are committed to providing MSPs with options and meeting them where they are in their cybersecurity journey,” said Raffael Marty, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cybersecurity at ConnectWise. “Our MDR offerings are designed to cater to the diverse needs of TSPs so they can confidently leverage our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect their clients. Laying in ConnectWise SOC Services, TSPs can now have peace of mind knowing that their clients are continuously monitored for cyber threats without the need for additional resources. ConnectWise remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and services that empower TSPs to provide exceptional value and security to their clients. We look forward to sharing more about our cybersecurity innovations at IT Nation Connect.”

ConnectWise MDR demonstrations will be available at IT Nation Connect, being held November 8 -10, 2023. Discover more about ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management.

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