Introducing the Veeam BDR integration with ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup™

| By:
Brian Winebarger

ConnectWise is pleased to announce the Veeam BDR integration for ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup (formerly Complete BDR). This exciting expansion to Co-Managed Backup increases the utility and value of the ConnectWise backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution, complementing the previously provided Acronis Cyber Protect integration. 

What is the ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup solution? 

Many managed service providers (MSPs) are forced to manage several competing BDR products at once to accommodate a variety of complex use cases. This significantly decreases productivity by complicating MSP technician workflows, reducing efficiency, and increasing organizational overhead. Worst of all, it burns valuable technician time that could be better spent on a multitude of other pressing tasks. Hiring employees that are experienced with each of these tools gets expensive and hiring can be very difficult in a highly competitive hiring market. 

ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup, with its Veeam and Acronis integrations, provides a sophisticated and comprehensive BDR solution designed to help MSPs back up data for clients and their customers then easily recover it in the event of accidents, crashes, cyberthreats, and more. It significantly reduces BDR complexity, frees up MSP technicians to focus on high-value projects, and reduces organizational costs by unifying multiple third-party integration solutions into one simple console.  

As a powerful solution for MSPs, ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup can help you: 

  • Free up MSP tech time: Take advantage of 24/7/365 NOC technician monitoring and troubleshooting as well as testing and disaster recovery support. 
  • Monitor and troubleshoot backups: Use the ConnectWise RMM and ConnectWise Command interfaces to stay up to date with an optional add-on of ConnectWise NOC services for increased monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. 
  • Manage BDRs efficiently: View the status of protection across the entire span of your backup solutions for each end client. 
  • Simplify daily workflows: Get integrated management of BDR tasks and alerts in one view through the ConnectWise Asio™ portal. 
  • Streamline the billing experience: MSPs that use both ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) and ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup can quickly bill clients for third-party backup solutions and services. 

What is Veeam, and what does this BDR integration mean for MSPs? 

Veeam* is known for bringing excellent BDR services to enterprise companies. It offers flexible cloud and security capabilities in addition to robust ransomware protection and recovery options. Veeam provides immutable storage options, cloud-native backup offerings, continuous data protection, and more. 

The new Veeam BDR integration helps bolster the already comprehensive BDR services offered by ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup. It enables MSP technicians to view the status of their protected endpoints from within their Asio portal. Technicians can also receive and respond to notifications about data compromises raised by Veeam.  

Integrating Veeam BDR with ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup can drastically improve the MSP technician experience across several key areas. This includes: 

  • Backups and restorations: Veeam delivers additional image-based backups for VMware, NAS, and Windows, as well as native backups for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. 
  • Replication and disaster recovery: Veeam enables sub-minute RPO and failover back to the most recent stable state. 
  • Ransomware protections: Veeam provides comprehensive protection against ransomware attacks and ensures your preemptive backups are fully recoverable. Prior to a restore, the integration will automatically scan backups to verify that your data is safe and completely free of malware. 
  • Data orchestration: Veeam automates data management and centralization across your ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup and integrations. 
  • Data integrity: Veeam provides an extra layer of assurance so you won’t need to spend time using multiple security tools to protect client data from crashes and security breaches. 

This exciting partnership with Veeam better positions ConnectWise to ensure client and organizational data is more secure, accessible, and recoverable around the clock—all the while helping MSP techs spend more time engaging customers through the services your company is known for. 

If you’d like to learn more about how ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup with the new Veeam BDR integration can bolster your MSP organization, request a demo with a ConnectWise representative today.