Scaling Your Office 365 Offering with Backup Recovery

| By:
Craig Fulton

Cloud Management = Cloud Profitability.

Up to 40% of your team’s productivity is lost when switching tasks is required. This begs the question: how do you scale your Microsoft® Office 365™ offering and remain profitable when margins are already thin, and your employees are having to switch between applications to manage and bill your customers?

The answer: ConnectWise® CloudConsole™ and strategic integrations.

ConnectWise CloudConsole creates technician efficiencies that enable you to monitor, manage, and bill your Office 365 offering from within the application you already use, ConnectWise Manage.

This tool empowers any technology solution business to create a profitable cloud services practice area by allowing you to:

  • Automatically sync license counts to your ConnectWise Manage agreements
  • Monitor usage to create opportunities and proactively upsell before capacity is reached
  • Manage the most common tasks like password resets, email forwarding, aliases, and shared mailboxes, and much more!
How can I profit from the cloud?

Everyone knows it’s hard to make money while standalone Office 365 and other cloud products MSRPs are listed on website after website. VARs undercut service providers to increase transaction volume, ultimately increasing their rebates. In effect, a service provider becomes a reseller and a service provider can’t compete with Walmart.

What is the answer?

When a service provider uses CloudConsole, they gain the operational efficiencies already addressed. They also get access to class-leading integrated solutions they can manage and bill right out of CoudConsole and ConnectWise Manage.  So, the answer is building a managed cloud services offering with these integrated solutions.

How do I get my customers to pay more?

Education is key to building out and marketing bundled solutions. When a customer sees an MSRP of $14.95, they’re going to question a $30 charge on their bill or quote. By teaching customers that Microsoft,, and SalesForce don’t offer comprehensive recovery options for their products, you can impart the value of fast, granular recovery of their critical or needed data.

There’s already concern about moving data to the cloud; show them why you are going to continue to protect this data as you always have on premise.

Here are some key concerns to share with your customers that are solved by cloud backup:

  • Most lost data is due to malicious or negligent behavior
    • Office 365 default retention is 14 days
    • They can lose up to 30% of data
  • 60% of companies that lose critical data close in 6 months
  • If you lose an e-mail you are not compliant
    • This is key in government, healthcare, and legal verticals
  • Microsoft service level agreements address availability, not recoverability

In short, you need a cloud strategy. You need both operational efficiencies and greater profitability than a standalone solution can offer. Microsoft and other cloud providers have given you a great opportunity related to data backup and recovery from, and in, the cloud. Through CloudConsole, ConnectWise has given you a way to make it profitable!