The networking event where everyone belongs: IT Nation

| By:
Arnie Bellini

What is IT Nation? We’re glad you asked.

More than a conference

It’s an empowering community of peers. When you walk inside of ConnectWise’s IT Nation, although the walls are big and there’s more people than you can even count, the community is close knit and passionate. ConnectWise is more than just software built to help your clients’ business run as efficiently as possible, it’s PARTNERSHIP. It’s that feeling of wanting to help others succeed – and them wanting the same for you.

ConnectWise is an ecosystem embodied with value and inspiration you’ve never experienced before. IT Nation, our annual conference held in Orlando, Florida, is just one of the many valuable community events you can attend as a ConnectWise partner. From connecting with vendors to getting sneak-peaks of new integrations and product enhancements to even chatting with the brains of the industry – you’re gaining knowledge by the second. It’s everything you need to grow your business.

Making connections

At IT Nation, you’ll get to collaborate with ConnectWise partners, executives, consultants, and industry experts. Everyone you meet provides their own unique value to your success, but each of them will help you grow your business faster and teach you more about the solutions you have available. Connect and engage with like-minded professionals, gaining industry knowledge and offering some of your own. Chat with the brains behind ConnectWise to understand different Marketing, Operations, and Executive roles in the business. Participate in hands-on training and leadership discussions you can’t get anywhere else.

Countless activities

IT Nation delivers invaluable connections, a great atmosphere and a variety of activities. Be sure to maximize your experience at IT Nation by participating in as much as possible!

  • Breakout sessions by experts
  • Networking sessions
  • Vendor solutions
  • Two keynotes
  • Solutions Pavilion
  • Hands-on labs
  • Hack-a-Thon
  • Philanthropy efforts
  • Night events

You can easily choose which sessions and labs meet your specific needs to get the most out of the event. You’ll learn industry best practices and take-away action items with over 10 hours of training and 200+ breakout sessions. ConnectWise will also bring in first-class third party speakers for owner, executive, and stakeholder content.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll get a sneak-peak of what’s coming down the pipeline for our partners and learn the newest and easiest ways to enhance your ConnectWise experience. Get ready to walk away with and abundance of knowledge like streamlined practices, tested solutions, and an overview of upcoming releases and functions. And of course, you’ve just strengthened your business network by connecting with other TSP professionals, who are also a part of this amazing community. Check out the full agenda here.

Trust us - once you attend, you’ll be counting down the days to next year’s event for another round of knowledge, networking, and fun!

No matter who you are or what you do, you’re always welcome into the ConnectWise family. We know you invest an ample amount of your time and money to run your business. That’s why we created this event – where you can watch your relationships amongst industry peers grow in the blink of three days. Whether you use some or all of the ConnectWise suite, you deserve to get the most out of our partnership. IT Nation is just the beginning.