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Membership Success Kits

As we continue to build and formalize your membership experience, we want to get you started with a sample of our business transformation content. We’ve curated these success kits around what you, our community, say are your biggest areas for opportunity in your businesses—business maturity, security, and remote workforce. They are just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re creating for you, The IT Nation community.

Business maturity

This kit will help you assess where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, help you establish best practices for your operations, and discuss topics such as culture, planning, and legacy. By establishing best practices for your operations, your company can grow and mature, allowing you to reach your full potential.

blog icon 5 paths to business maturity

No matter where you are on your business journey, your business is maturing every day.  The path to success for you and your business isn't about shortcuts and chat codes.  Instead, it's a scucession of non-negoitable disciplines that will help you scaled your business, build an efficient team, and ultimately lead to greter success and financial independence.

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lexicon icon Job description library

Finding the right fit for your open positions can be overwhelming enough without having to worry about crafing job descriptions that attract the right candidates.  We've taken the hassle out of the process for you by creating a library of job descriptons for the most common job roles technology solutions providers are looking to fill.

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Moving past muscle and feel

Instinct alone isn’t enough for your business to reach its full potential, and you DO have the power to make the jump for new business opportunities. Get expert advice and industry insights to help you move past muscle and feel so you can take your business to the next level.


Managing what good looks like

You’ve made the jump in operations, so now’s the time to understand what ‘good’ looks like. In this webinar, you’ll learn the KPIs, benchmarks, and strategies used by others in your position to help make your business even better.


Operationalize your operations

Spending time working in your business, instead of on your business, will hinder you from reaching your full potential. By establishing best practices for your operations, your company can grow and mature. In this informational webinar, you’ll get a detailed look at the 10 stages of the process, along with the essential steps within each stage.



Staying ahead of cybersecurity threats can be a challenging job for technology professionals. Building a security practice can be a complex endeavor and even can be considered daunting for MSPs. These are some industry best practices and paths to achieve a maturity model that is right for you. This kit will help you make sure that your practice is positioned for success.

Cybersecurity frameworks and why you should start your journey with them

Dig deeper into NIST, CIS, MSP+, and other cybersecurity frameworks to see how you can leverage them to support the creation of a cybersecurity practice to addresses your client's business, technology, and cybersecurity needs.

security checks icon The security journey self assessment

Knowing your security starting point is crucial to becoming an impenetrable, security-first solution provider. Take this assessment to see which phase of the journey you’re currently in.

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certification icon IT Nation Certify fundamentals certification

Join our team of cybersecurity experts for this free, full-day training event to learn about foundational cybersecurity, including industry frameworks and standards, risk assessment best practices, and navigating the ecosystem of security products, as well as role-specific segments tailored specifically for MSP sales professionals and MSP engineers.

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security solutions icon The state of SMB cybersecurity study

Cybersecurity isn’t a fad. Your clients are waking up to the threats they face, and they’re making investments to improve their security. SMBs lack in-house security talent, and they’re looking outside of their businesses for help—and they’ve set their sights on you. Are you providing the ‘right’ solutions? If not, your clients will look to someone else. Check out our study to get to the heart of what SMBs want when it comes to security.

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Inside the industry: running a successful security practice

Hear from ConnectWise CRO, Clint Maddox, and VP of Security Initiatives, Jay Ryerse, as they discuss the opportunity and potential of successfully selling security as well as the risks of not doing so.

Remote workforce

Learning to utilize your teams via a remote workforce can be challenging, and getting the most out of your staff with this added hurdle is key. Optimizing your client's remote workforce is just as essential. This kit will help catch you up to speed in making the transition for your business and your clients as easy as possible.

documentation icon MSP rapid recovery planning guide

2020 has opened our eyes to how quickly unexpected events can impact our businesses. In The Rapid Recovery Planning Guide, created by Paul Dippell and Service Leadership Inc.®, for ConnectWise, discover ways that your MSP can come out on top.

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IT management tools icon Remote workforce kit

New to remote work? There are a lot of processes IT has put in place to make your lives easier and more secure in the office. If you’re transitioning to work from home, our checklist can help you put similar processes in place to make your experience more secure, reliable, and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

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remote meetings icon The 4 pillars to building a top-notch remote workforce

While telecommuting may present new challenges for your operation, it also opens opportunities to get the best talent for the job without being limited by physical location. Get expert insight into successfully transitioning to this work environment.

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Remote workforce partner panel: what I did right…and wrong

During uncertain times community is more important than ever. Learn from our partner panel in this on-demand webinar as they uncover the quick wins and mistakes to avoid when it comes to working remotely.


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