Why cybersecurity education is critical for MSPs

| By:
Jay Ryerse

As an expert, you already know cybersecurity is continuously evolving. Keeping up with these changes requires more than having an ear to the ground about the latest threats; it requires true skill and knowledge to address your clients’ security needs.

Warren Buffet said, “the best investment you can make is the investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn,” and he’s right. The only way to stay abreast of threats and gain confidence in your abilities is to focus on continuing to build on your cybersecurity education.

You have to seek out opportunities to improve your cybersecurity knowledge. To help, we’ve created IT Nation Certify®, certifications by ConnectWise, which is a variety of trainings designed to give you the tools to become your client’s go-to security expert. In this blog, we’ll breakdown the different courses to help you further your cybersecurity education and get certified.

Build your cybersecurity education with IT Nation Certify Fundamentals

No matter where you are in your career, the best—and smartest—way to grow is to make sure you have a strong foundation. The Fundamentals courses help MSPs learn about foundational cybersecurity, including industry frameworks and standards, risk assessment best practices, and navigating the ecosystem of security products.

With role-specific training tailored for MSP sales professionals and MSP engineers, you’ll unlock the unique knowledge you need for your dedicated role. You’ll gain the ability to protect your practice, have confidence in your ability to provide cybersecurity services to your clients, and drive security sales growth. Each training also concludes with an IT Nation Certify exam, giving you the chance to earn your certification and add to your resume.

Here’s a rundown of what each course offers:

Fundamentals for Sales/Owners arms you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully deliver cybersecurity. Through this course, you’ll gain the confidence you need to walk through educating your clients and prospects on the cybersecurity landscape, addressing challenges and objections around security solutions, following a road map to get to the risk assessment buy-in, presenting your assessment findings in an action plan, and learning the systems that help partners outperform the industry by 5X in cybersecurity revenue!

Fundamentals for Engineers empowers you with a better understanding of the technical side of cybersecurity. You’ll learn about technical controls and implementation best practices for locking down your own environment, review the latest security tools and services you’ll want to consider when building out your solution stack, deep dive on incident response planning, and get an overview of intrusion detection and malware analysis.

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Achieve cybersecurity excellence in 12 months with IT Nation Certify Advance

Cybersecurity is a standard and necessary offering, so how do you differentiate yourself? You do it better. Our new Advanced Cybersecurity Program is dedicated to MSPs who want to build a credible cybersecurity practice, and this twelve-month program will set you up for success.

Led by our team of security experts, you’ll get in-depth insights into implementing a strong cybersecurity posture inside your business and reliably extending that same level of protection to your clients.

Here are the various course offerings that align with your dedicated role:

Secure Operations (SECOPS) is designed for engineers. This track provides technical implementation guidance for best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. You’ll dive into hands-on training that includes live demonstrations and fire drills to test your team’s instincts in system hardening, secure onboarding, advanced vulnerability scanning, and other core cybersecurity competencies.

Virtual Chief Infosec Officer (vCISO) helps technical leaders in the vCISO role build internal cybersecurity practices as well as future offerings for clients. Discover how to create a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Program based on the MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework. In addition to hands-on planning, review, and implementation assistance, this track also provides practical guidance for managing program metrics and documenting compliance standards.

Advanced Cybersecurity Sales teaches you how to incorporate proven cybersecurity sales frameworks into conversations with prospects. Geared toward sales professionals, this track covers advanced techniques for prospecting, qualifying, and selling cybersecurity solutions aligned with industry best practices. Participants will walk away from this training with the skills to deliver non-technical cybersecurity demos to potential buyers.

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Above all, your cybersecurity education should be a continuous effort because there’s always more to learn. Adding knowledge and certificates to your resume not only builds your credibility on paper, but you’ll grow your confidence in your ability to deliver the expert support your clients demand and deserve.