Opt-in to real-time information and stay up to date with our new status page

| By: Amy Lucia

Transparency is our promise

Last year at IT Nation Connect, I made a personal commitment to you to improve partner communications. And today – after several in-depth, open, and candid conversations with our partners, and countless hours of strategic work by our talented colleagues behind the scenes to optimize people, systems, and processes to deliver enhanced partner experience – we are excited to deliver on that promise. On behalf of Jeff Bishop, EVP and General Manager, Platform, and Steve Cochran, CTO, it’s with much enthusiasm that we announce the launch of the ConnectWise Product and Services Status page, a new systems status page at status.ConnectWise.com.  

It’s essential to ConnectWise that we communicate transparently and build trust with you. We understand how frustrating it can be when products aren’t working as expected, and you don’t have immediate line of sight into the issue. That’s why we created status.ConnectWise.com to allow our team to provide concise, relevant, and timely communications about service disruptions, planned downtime, and scheduled maintenance in real-time with you. This site is a demonstration of our continuous investment in and commitment to becoming easier to do business with.


Striving for excellence in partner experience and operational performance 

For some time, we’ve been listening to you and reflecting on ways we can deliver communications to you faster and more efficiently. We know when it comes to incident response, transparency and timeliness are the most critical factors.  

Status.ConnectWise.com provides: 

  • A public landing page – so that during an incident, the latest information isn’t gated behind a log-in page 
  • An opt-in model of engagement – so you can visit the site at your convenience and elect to receive email notifications by signing up to receive relevant product updates that you want to be alerted about 
  • A one-stop shop – so you have access to the status of all our products and services without needing to visit multiple sites to find the product you’re looking for 

This approach puts you in the driver’s seat to determine the updates you receive that are important to you, your clients, and your business. And at the request of the partner community, this status page does not require a login.  

You can sign up to receive email notifications here: status.ConnectWise.com 


How this new self-service page will work 

With every touch point of the partner experience within our thriving IT ecosystem, we aim to provide superior service. We know you rely on us to provide unmatched software and services and to quickly identify, communicate, and resolve issues when they inevitably happen.  

During active incident management, here’s a brief outline of what you can expect to be communicated to you via status.ConnectWise.com: 

  • Clear description of the incident in concise detail 
  • Consistent and reasonably timed status updates 
  • Current expectations going forward 
  • Closure of the incident with a conclusive resolution  
  • Brief root cause analysis (RCA)*  

*About our RCAs: Our format has evolved recently based on partner feedback. After a major incident, it’s important for us to understand why the incident occurred so we can mitigate future risks. Immediately following an incident resolution, the team takes a systematic approach to conduct a root cause analysis and the findings are shared in an executive summary that will be posted on status.ConnectWise.com as quickly as possible, in most cases within days. 

As you know, we currently use several channels to reach partners during an incident, including ConnectWise Home news feed, in-app messaging, email, phone calls and more. Over time, based on partner feedback, we will streamline and evolve our methods while still taking a multi-channel approach, However, this new status page is our primary and fastest method for communicating during incidents moving forward, so please do bookmark it.  


Diversifying how we communicate with partners  

Now more than ever, the right message, at the right time, to the right partner, via the right channel is key to supporting partner success. There are various additional initiatives underway (including a self-service contact preference center) that I have shared about publicly, and I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. In the meantime, we would like to share a link to a new Partner Communication Channels resource page we created to provide more transparency into what to expect from us and when—and to point you to key communication resources that are available to you.  

Our partners are at the core of everything we do, and I hope you are as excited as we are to bring this new status page to you. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting many of you at our upcoming IT Nation Secure event. As always, we value your input. If you have any ideas or feedback that you want to share, we encourage you to post them on the ConnectWise Virtual Community (P.S. have you joined that yet? It’s a great way to connect with your peers and our product experts!)