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ZLan Partners achieves profitable, long-term growth with ConnectWise

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Quality– Faster, simpler disaster recovery improves the availability of customer data

Revenue– Annual revenue has grown by an average of 30 – 35 percent year-over-year

Business– An outsourced service delivery platform helps ZLan save time and labor costs

ZLan Partners needed to find the best available software, services, and access to technical support and expertise to power its successful business growth.
ZLan relies on ConnectWise’s IT management platform to ensure reliable performance and availability for its customers’ servers and data.
ConnectWise’s powerful combination of software and services enables ZLan to operate more efficiently, take on new clients with confidence, and better support their growing customer base.

“We know our voices are being heard, and we know that our success is ConnectWise’s success. Having a partner like ConnectWise is a breath of fresh air.”

- Russel Zimny, President, ZLan Partners

ZLan Partners offers a boutique approach to service delivery across their MSP offerings, which include network design, business continuity, cloud support, and more. The company has achieved an average of 30-35 percent growth year over year—and ConnectWise’s IT management platform plays an instrumental role in the organization’s success.

At the core of ZLan Partner’s MSP infrastructure is the ConnectWise Command™, formerly a Continuum solution, intelligent remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, which consolidates related alerts into a single actionable ticket— significantly reducing the noise and false positives typically generated by other RMM tools. The platform is integrated with ConnectWise’s team of Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians, who act as a direct extension of ZLan’s workforce and provide 24/7/365 monitoring with proactive troubleshooting and issue resolution.

“There are cheaper RMM solutions available in today’s market, but none provide the level of alerting, reporting, or ease-of-use that the ConnectWise platform offers,” says John Machacek, ZLan’s director of operations. “And more importantly, none come with the strength and support of a knowledgeable NOC—ConnectWise’s technicians enable us to provide excellent support for our clients.”

The second pillar of ZLan’s ConnectWise solution is ConnectWise Recover™, formerly a Continuum solution, a business continuity solution that enables MSPs to effectively back up and ensure the recoverability and security of client data. ConnectWise Recover is also fully managed by ConnectWise’s NOC, which troubleshoots failed backups and offers disaster recovery testing and support among other related services.

Easy access to expertise and fast performance ensure high-quality customer care

ConnectWise Command and the NOC help ZLan fulfill its promise of outstanding service. “As we’ve grown and evolved our business over the years, our focus on customer service has expanded,” says Russell Zimny, President at ZLan. “It makes our jobs much easier knowing that we can always reach out to ConnectWise for help, and that we have access to technical expertise and resources when we need them.”

ConnectWise Recover has proven to be a dramatic improvement over ZLan’s previous backup and recovery solution. “We’ve seen notably better performance in ConnectWise Recover when spinning up servers in the cloud during a DR scenario, and much faster response times,” Machacek explains. “That’s a big win for us. Installation and agent deployment are also much faster. We’re excited, and we’re all-in with ConnectWise Recover.”

A successful partnership yields 30-35 percent annual growth

“As we’ve grown and evolved our business over the years, our focus on customer service has expanded,” says Zimny. “ZLan is about customer success first and profitability second—and that profitability comes from partnering with organizations like ConnectWise that really understand how to help their partners succeed.” With ConnectWise’s help, ZLan has achieved an average of 30-35 percent growth year-over-year. services contracts from a 40% to a 60% standard margin.

Continual innovation by ConnectWise saves time and lowers labor costs

“ConnectWise continues to innovate and improve the platform with changes that enable us to be more successful as an organization,” says Zimny. “We especially value the fact that ConnectWise owns its own technology and doesn’t have to rely on an outside vendor or third party for support,” Machacek agrees. “The platform itself is robust, and the fact that it’s completely supported by ConnectWise’s NOC helps us save time and reduce our labor costs.”

Looking ahead

Looking at ZLan’s overall partnership with ConnectWise—and potential for future growth—Zimny cites the ability to provide feedback as one of the things his team values most. “We really feel listened to,” he says. “We know our voices are being heard, and we know that our success is ConnectWise’s success. Having a partner like ConnectWise is a breath of fresh air.”

Remote Monitoring & Management Software with Proactive Services

ConnectWise Command is a scalable remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution with built-in NOC services providing technology solution providers (TSPs) with the tools and services they need to exceed end-user expectations and grow their businesses. Intelligent alerting and ticketing, intuitive scripting and automation, and certified NOC technicians empower TSPs to provide proactive, high-value support across any device or environment, including servers, desktops, networks, and mobile devices.

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