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For One Sydney Company, ConnectWise Supported a 400% Expansion Tecala

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For over 20 years, Tecala, Australian-owned and Sydney-headquartered, has been providing cloud, communications, and managed services to its clients across Australia. According to Sherran Evans, General Manager of Finance and Business Operations, their client base tends to be medium to large corporate entities and government clients. Tecala’s focus is to help their clients futureproof their businesses by harnessing leading-edge technologies and solutions. This is why implementing operational platforms has been critical to delivering the trusted services and solutions their reputation is built on.

One Australian MSP found they were ‘leaking’ data as a result of using too many systems to track information.
Switching to ConnectWise has unified everything under one roof, meaning information isn’t lost or misplaced.
Partnering with ConnectWise, Tecala has seen an impressive 400% expansion of the business.

"IT Nation is not just learning about the product, but also business leadership and business efficiency and the lessons regarding that."

– SHERRAN EVANS, General Manager of Finance and Business Operations, Tecala

Semi-Organised Chaos

Before ConnectWise, Evans and her team were back and forth between multiple systems - tracking customer details, time-keeping – you name it. ‘Life before ConnectWise was quite complex,’ Evans concedes. They knew information was slipping through the cracks so they endeavoured to make a change. ‘I came across ConnectWise via a colleague that I used to work with,’ says Evans. ‘They were implementing at the time we were doing system reviews, and it was recommended to me.’

Before long, Tecala had implemented ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Mange) and the chaos slowly tamed. ‘When we implemented ConnectWise PSA, we removed six other systems,’ says Evans. ‘The data between all of those systems were never accurate or updated correctly. We had two time-sheeting systems, which meant that we could see the leakage between the two systems, and it would take us weeks to get our monthly billing out.’ After ConnectWise PSA, the company adopted ConnectWise Automate® to monitor desktops, alert on antivirus issues and so forth. ‘One of the key points in implementing ConnectWise was to have a full-service desk system,’ says Evans. ‘Moving to a singular system meant we were able to schedule from the one system, as well as to track and log work and invoice from that system.’

A Better Quoting Platform

With two systems down, Tecala opted to integrate a third system, ConnectWise CPQ™ in to the mix. ‘We actually implemented ConnectWise CPQ in its original form,’ says Evans. Tecala has been using ConnectWise CPQ for the past two years. ‘With ConnectWise CPQ, we are able to track our quotes, and also have the various people that help out on the account - both the sales support as well as business development managers - see what’s being quoted,’ Evans says. ConnectWise CPQ has been extremely useful for Evans and her team as it gives helpful, detailed reports.

Growing By Leaps and Bounds

Since partnering with ConnectWise eight years ago, Tecala has grown considerably. ‘ConnectWise has supported us in growing four hundred per cent since we implemented the product,’ Evans says. ‘Having the entire suite of products means that we have one single place and one dashboard that we can go into, and we can see the various sections of the business and what they’re doing.’ Having only one area to work from has saved quite a bit of time for Evans and her team. ‘Everyone has access to the same data,’ she explains. ‘We have one place to look up a company phone number, etc. and that makes us more efficient and more accurate in what we’re doing with our client base.’

A Learning Compendium

For those that love learning, ConnectWise offers multiple avenues for speaking with other IT professionals, sharing tips and tricks, learning about the products, and anything else partners might need. One such avenue, user groups, piqued Evans’ interest. ‘User groups are quite useful for me,’ Evans says. ‘I attend at least two a year.’ For Evans, hearing what others have to say regarding similar topics was very important to her.

‘Regardless of the subject matter, there’s always a tip that’s picked up, new things being released, or other partners to learn from,’ she says. ‘We can really benefit from that.’ Similar to user groups is the ConnectWise community, which helped her discover other products that could work well for Tecala.

‘Other products that have been developed to get the most out of ConnectWise, particularly things like BrightGauge, have been really helpful to us.’

IT Nation, the annual ConnectWise event held in Europe and North America, is essentially one big combination of both the user groups and community- not only do you get to speak with and learn from IT partners across the world but you get ConnectWise professionals demonstrating and talking about the products also. Recently, Evans was able to attend the first ever IT Nation Europe and found it very informative.

‘Not only do you learn about the new products, but there’s also a focus on your business and how to make your business better,’ she says. ‘It’s not just the products being presented, it’s also business leadership and other lessons that you can take away together with the solutions.’ Evans was particularly interested in a new feature that had been presented at IT Nation Europe. ‘I attended the solutions pavilion and I was looking at a new add-on that can not only gather customer feedback, but it can also track rewarding your staff and recognising your staff, which is a really key process we’re 

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