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Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better for One Australian MSP Powernet IT Solutions

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Powernet, a Melbourne, Australia based managed service provider (MSP), has sought to bring complete IT solutions to the region’s businesses instead of only selling hardware and software. Since 1994, Powernet has introduced a multitude of services to the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland areas. For CEO and Director, Dan Williams, it was this spirit of complete IT solutions that lead him and his team to ConnectWise.

Faced with multiple system chaos, despite having a substantial, expensive system already in place, one Australian MSP lacked a business management and automation platform that streamlined processes and helped them achieve their goals.
By switching to ConnectWise PSA™ and ConnectWise CPQ™, the company has streamlined their quote and proposal process and taken control of their business operations.
ConnectWise has revolutionized the way Powernet does business. With a shorter sales cycle and better communication amongst teams, they can focus on building and growing the business instead of running the business.

'ConnectWise has revolutionised our business... The visibility that we have, the control over our business, we can focus on building and growing our business rather than running business.'

– DAN WILLIAMS, CEO & Director of Powernet

More Money, More Problems

According to Dan, life before ConnectWise was rather chaotic. 'We were using a software that was way too big for us and very expensive. It didn’t help us achieve our goals as a business.' It was especially vexing for Dan, as he knew he provided great service and had a talented team. However, their systems often couldn’t help them reach their full potential. 'We knew we were a great MSP, but it wasn’t being represented on our balance sheet, which is frustrating, especially when you spend a lot of money implementing a large system.'

Dan decided that switching solutions was the best option they had. After surveying the market, he realised that there were many competing products that all claimed to do everything he wanted, and more. Luckily, Dan was keen enough to see through the marketing hype. 'At no time did ConnectWise claim to do everything, which allowed us to really focus on what it could do well,' he says. 'The visibility that we have now with ConnectWise allows us to focus on building and growing our business rather than just running it.'

More Consistent Quotes in Half the Time

Before ConnectWise CPQ (formerly Sell), the quoting and proposal process was Powernet’s weakness. 'Not only was it inconsistent, sometimes it would take several hours over several days,' Dan says. 'Now, everyone is doing it the same way.' By simplifying the quoting process, it meant more consistent quotes in far less time than before. 'That predictability and consistency has slashed the time we spend on quote creation, which means more time to engage with the client during the sales process.'

Even Powernet customers noticed a difference in the quotes they received. 'Our clients were surprised to see that they were getting a consistent look and feel from our quotes. With our rebrand, they were able to experience a new image logo and color scheme straight after a media release, and that was pretty rewarding. I think they were pleasantly surprised.'

Unmatched Integration

Alongside ConnectWise CPQ, Powernet also uses ConnectWise PSA (formerly Manage) to run the business. Dan loves how effortlessly the two systems interact with one another. 'The integration between ConnectWise CPQ and ConnectWise PSA is icing on the cake.' Prior to partnering with ConnectWise, the act of communicating and sharing information between their team was difficult, especially quoting information. 'Having to reproduce that information in two systems was a nightmare,' he explains.

Dan couldn’t be more pleased with the integration between ConnectWise CPQ and ConnectWise PSA. 'The flow of status, value, and forecasting is excellent,' Dan says. 'Being able to rely on that level of information being transferred across systems, and it being one process, is a huge advantage.'

Changing Business for the Better

Dan and his team are thankful that ConnectWise has revolutionised the way they do business. 'ConnectWise has changed my life. I’m doing more of the things that I enjoy now, and no longer trying to account for where people are.' Dan sees his role in the business as wearing many hats throughout the day, and partnering with ConnectWise meant he could wear the hats that suited him best. 'I have a dual role in the business so I’m able to switch between those two roles very easily.' At the end of the day, Dan can spend more quality time with his family, knowing he can leave his worries at the door.

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Working with any company a continent away can be challenging, but Dan and his team don’t feel their distance from the ConnectWise headquarters has taken away from the experience or the service. 'The people we deal with, when we’ve needed to, have been pleasant, and some of the integrators are locally based in Australia, so that’s really helpful also.'

'It’s something we’ve had to adapt to,' he explains. 'It’s quite funny because we support some companies that are in the US, Canada, and the UK, and we know how they feel now.' Dan recognises the effort required to maintain those long-distance customer relationships. 'We’ve just become a lot better at using ConnectWise.'

Dan wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ConnectWise to other MSPs in need of a business management platform. 'It really allows you to focus on what your business is about,' he explains. 'You really should be doing that and if you’re not, then you’re never going to be as good as you can be, and you’re never going to fulfil your potential.'

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