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One New Zealand MSP Finds Rapid Growth Thanks to ConnectWise Solutions Origin IT

Origin IT, located in Auckland, New Zealand, is a managed service provider (MSP) that looks after approximately 6,500 users. They’ve recently grown from 40 employees to over 100. Matt Treacy, Head of Systems, Process, and Product Management, has been with Origin IT since 2003. He joined the leadership team in 2012 to drive growth toward the mid-market space.

One New Zealand MSP had aggressive growth ambitions, but lacked a system with the ability to help them reach their goals. They desperately needed a solution that would allow them to manage larger companies without feeling like they’d gone in too deep.
Implementing ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) has given Origin IT better visibility into their business and the confidence to approach larger corporations without stressing over the increased work load.
With ConnectWise PSA and ConnectWise Automate working in tandem, Origin IT has become more efficient in their processes and has successfully grown their MSP business to become one of the largest providers in New Zealand.

'ConnectWise does a great job in helping the users of their product. In fact, we don’t have another product in our suite that has the level of community and support that ConnectWise does.'

– MATT TREACY, Head of Systems, Process and Product Management, Origin IT

Before Partnering with ConnectWise

Starting out in his new role, Matt found several problem areas he was intent on improving. 'Prior to ConnectWise, I was new to the business,' he explains. 'The business owner had brought me in to take over service operations. They used a ticketing system that made it difficult to get any accountability from my employees. It was hard to track SLAs.' Matt became set on replacing their current ticketing system to make hitting SLA targets easier.

'My first job there was to rip the system out and find something better. And that’s when we found ConnectWise PSA.' Matt chose ConnectWise PSA for a multitude of reasons, but hitting SLAs was a large part of it. 'With ConnectWise PSA, we gave our customers real-time SLA expectations,' he says. 'I could see at any time where a ticket was in the system and where my guys were at with their work.'

Changing the Way They Did Business

Partnering with ConnectWise has drastically changed the way Matt and his team do business. It’s given the company faith they can attain their goals and grow their business. Before implementing ConnectWise PSA, the thought of bringing on larger clients with hundreds of employees seemed scary and impossible. Now, Origin IT can give customers of any size the best service possible thanks to a business management tool that works. 'It’s given me reassurance and confidence every day, even when things seem like they might be getting out of hand. It’s the control centre for everything,' says Matt.

ConnectWise PSA has become the communication hub of the company, allowing Matt’s entire team the ability to communicate with one another effectively, while also streamlining their customers’ communication with them. 'Just one example of where we were able to increase efficiency,' says Matt. ConnectWise PSA also gave their team the ability to allocate tickets and coordinate their 85 service techs at once. 'It’s a centrepiece for our service delivery,' he explains, 'and it always will be.'

Adding Automation to the Mix

Prior to joining the ConnectWise family, Origin IT was Kaseya’s Australasian partner of the year. Overall, Matt and his team found Kaseya difficult to customise and were frustrated that it sometimes required a consultant to mitigate the problems between Kaseya and ConnectWise PSA. 'You pretty much had to have a programming degree to be able to work it,' Matt admits. They were soon on the hunt for a platform that communicated more seamlessly with ConnectWise PSA.

In the end, Matt successfully made his case for switching to ConnectWise Automate®. 'I gave the technical team free reign to try out ConnectWise Automate, and they all voted unanimously to bring it in, so it really wasn’t my decision,' explains Matt. 'Once I could show our business owners that the team was going to use it, and get excited about pouring their time into it to make their job easier, it really was a no-brainer.” Since then, Matt and his team have been very happy using ConnectWise Automate as their business automation tool. “We now have our automated patching fully automated and untouched.'

Not So Far Away After All

Matt was initially wary about implementing the ConnectWise solutions due to the headquarters’ distance from Auckland. 'Being from New Zealand and being so far away from the head office of ConnectWise, it was a major decision,' he says. Matt and his team haven’t had any issues with the service, despite the large distance. Any issues that arise are sorted out quickly with a phone call. 'Working with ConnectWise has been super easy,' he says.

And that wasn’t the only reason Origin IT was attracted to ConnectWise. 'They also have a strong community forum and user base. That’s really big for us.' Matt has found the ConnectWise community to be a tremendous resource for discovering the best practices and processes across other Australian and New Zealand partners who are on the same journey. 'We don’t have another product that has the same level of community support as ConnectWise.'

Matt would happily recommend ConnectWise to any MSPs looking at business management solutions like ConnectWise PSA or remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools like ConnectWise Automate. 'It’s a one stop shop really,” says Matt. “We do everything from it. Once you get ConnectWise, you don’t really have to look anywhere else.'

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