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Improved Integration and Reliable Reporting with ConnectWise Oosha

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For the past nine years, Oosha, based in central England, has been providing a comprehensive, flexible range of IT services to SME and enterprise-level businesses. Oosha has seen significant growth over the last several years according to operations director, Matthew Newton. “Our average customer size has evolved quite a bit over the recent years,” he remarks. “In the early days we would take business wherever we could get it because we were trying to grow a company within a very poor economic climate. But as the economy healed, we were able to start moving into a larger type of organisation.” Oosha now focuses primarily on the 50-200 user space, but will always make time for smaller legacy clients.

The company’s remote monitoring software often reported incorrect information and was difficult to integrate with other systems.
ConnectWise PSA™’s easy integration with most systems allowed the Oosha team to reach new levels of efficiency.
Improved reporting and the bonus of a great field application means quicker turnaround and added value to client meetings.

“ConnectWise has allowed us to get more policy structures in place. It’s freed me up to focus on dealing with customers, which is what I want to do.”

– MATTHEW NEWTON, Operations Director, Oosha

Before partnering with ConnectWise, Newton wore a great many hats at Oosha. “I do a bit of everything within the company,” he explains. “I used to focus on an operations role so I would manage the technical department, the sales department, everything really.” Using ConnectWise has made all the difference in Newton’s role at Oosha. “ConnectWise has allowed us to get more policy structure in place,” he says. “It’s freed me up to focus on dealing with customers, which is what I want to do.”

Newton and his team came across ConnectWise whilst on their search for new remote monitoring software. “We were looking for a product to replace CentraStage, the product that we were using previously,” he says. “There were a lot of technical problems with reporting information back incorrectly. Our help desk felt they couldn’t trust the information that was coming back.”

Oosha then began hunting for remote monitoring software they could count on and trust, which lead them to ConnectWise. “We found that ConnectWise suited a lot of our needs.” ConnectWise PSA also brought new features to the table for Newton and his team. “It gives us some additional tools that have proven fantastic for our business,” he says.

“The mobile app is absolutely fantastic for our engineers. It means that we can turn around queries and we can add value to our meetings with clients because we can drill down and access the information on that customer in real time.” Newton was all-around pleased with how professional and easy switching to and using ConnectWise was.

“Our experiences with ConnectWise have been great,” he explains. “There’s been a detailed plan laid out to our key stakeholders as to what’s going to happen and what we need to do, as well as what ConnectWise is going to do for us.” Newton was also impressed with ConnectWise University. “It’s been a fantastic way for our users and managers to familiarise themselves with the ConnectWise products before we launched and went live across the business.”

Prior to using ConnectWise CPQ™ (formerly Sell), Oosha used QuoteWerks integrated with Autotask to create quotations for their customers. However, Newton and his team were soon frustrated. “The integration didn’t go far enough,” says Newton. “So the reporting that we pulled off Autotask and QuoteWerks was very clunky.” What’s worse, the software didn’t report the kind of information they needed. “It didn’t drill down enough information on the individual salesperson,” he says. “So we moved to ConnectWise CPQ because it integrated within our management platform.”

Newton was recently able to represent Oosha at IT Nation, ConnectWise’s annual conference, recently held in Orlando, Florida. “My experiences of IT Nation so far have been fantastic,” he says. “The seminars and sessions have been really, really useful in sparking thoughts within myself and my management team.” Newton raves about the keynote speeches and breakout sessions. “The speeches, breakout sessions and content have been fantastic,” he says. We’ve been made to feel very welcome.” You will always be welcome at IT Nation, Oosha!

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