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Solutions Fuel 20% Growth in Edinburgh Onestop IT

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Onestop IT began with a singular mission: understanding the needs of individual customers and giving them the unmatched IT support services that made their life easier. What began as a predominately technical IT support business has begun to shift to a more strategic focus as a changing market redefines customer needs and market expectations.

Onestop IT needed solutions that could help them keep up with a changing market and support their growth.
Settling on the right solution to keep the company competitive and help them continue to meet client needs as market expectations shift.
The integration of ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate provided the visibility and reliability required to take Onestop IT to the next level of strategic IT support.

"We talked to others in user groups and learned now they did things. We had a humbling moment where we learned we’d been arrogant and blind to what we needed to change.”


Weighing the Options

As a managed services company since before the term was common, Onestop IT does everything from designing, installing, and maintaining infrastructure to regular sessions with management and staff to make sure they’re able to use the infrastructure. It’s a holistic style, not just a break/fix, and truly provides clients with everything they need in one stop.

So what does a growing Edinburgh company do when they find themselves ready to efficiently expand?

Onestop IT offers customers a diverse array of services—from infrastructure management to planning and budgeting—to allow customers to reduce risk, improve profitability, and scale. To make that happen, the team began the search for a software solution that could meet the needs of their evolving operational maturity, and help them support clients who were also in new growth stages.

“We couldn’t keep offering services like day one,” explained CEO Ally Hollins-Kirk. He saw right away that the responsibility, diligence, and documentation needs of the company required processes that got necessary information out of technician’s busy heads and onto a paper trail.

After stepping back from Autotask, they took a hard look a the solutions on the market. They were aiming to find something that would support their metrics, which included confidentiality, integrity, and accountability of data. Other solutions require the team to change the way they worked to match the tool, so it was never a good fit.

In 2010, as an established ConnectWise Automate partner, it was time to give ConnectWise Manage a try.

What Was Gained

With the powerful integration of ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate, Onestop IT gained more than just time. The ability to see who was responsible for what, even on more complicated tickets, was an immediately impactful problem solver.

With ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate working together, Onestop IT could get tickets straight and save time. Automation meant less searching, and auto-resolving tickets, which was not only saving massive amounts of time but has also improved on what they could deliver. Reporting and visibility improved time usage and service quality, allowing system patches and software updates to go on automatically.

“By the time we got to ConnectWise Manage, we know we needed more support,” Hollins-Kirk shared. The ConnectWise community, in particular, delivered powerful insights into the ways Onestop IT could improve their business.

In fact, the community aspect has been a key differentiator when to comes to setting ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate apart from their competitors. Onestop IT has taken it further, joining ConnectWise Evolve as well, and relies on community to provide accountability and a touchstone for industry truths.

Performance metrics weren’t being measured prior to implementing ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate, so on top of improving performance and efficiency, Onestop IT also now has the ability to run detailed reports and track metrics. Which is how they know that within a year of implementation, they were growing at 20% a year. They also took advantage of best practices, blueprints, and process development to help change habits and maintain consistency.

What Comes Next

Since then, Onestop IT has been on an incredible journey. With the continued input from vital connections at regional user groups and at the annual IT Nation Connect conference, they have been able to keep streamlining operations and improving processes to keep business goals on track. “There’s a lot more that we could get from ConnectWise that we don’t use yet. Some things we didn’t use before are now relevant, now we’re looking to use more project functionality.”

Now, the team is looking into new ways to continue growing. With a new full-time marketer on staff, they are excited to explore the marketing functionality built into ConnectWise Campaign. There is also growing excitement about using other upcoming capabilities, including GPS tracking to help monitor technicians in the field and make time tracking simpler.

So what would Onestop IT have to say to someone considering ConnectWise Manage or ConnectWise Automate? “Be ready to change everything, and don’t just assume you shouldn’t do something because you’ve never done it that way. It’s time to explore what you could do differently or better. Identify your key processes beforehand, and see if the solutions can help you improve them.

“It’s a long-term relationship, so you can’t treat it like just buying a piece of software. It integrates into everything, so it impacts everything.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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