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Improved Operations from a Single Platform

After 12 years of using the same remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) solutions, Mirus IT knew they needed to make a change. Their old systems lacked third-party integration capabilities that made basic operations—like financial reporting and customer support—a hassle. Thanks to ConnectWise Manage®, ConnectWise Automate®, ConnectWise Sell®, ConnectWise Campaign®, and ConnectWise Unite®, Mirus IT has the integration capabilities they have been looking for. “Because of the way the tools integrate, it has allowed us to become more efficient in what we’re doing—allowing us to deliver better service to our clients,” says Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Mirus IT.


The remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) solutions Mirus IT was using didn’t have any integration capabilities—making financial reporting, ticketing, and quoting a hassle.


After searching the market and finding ConnectWise, they were able to integrate useful third-party solutions—and the ConnectWise products themselves—allowing them to operate at full potential.


Integrating the entire ConnectWise suite of solutions, Mirus IT was able to streamline back-end processes, improve customer experiences, maximise margins, and scale their business.

“With the ConnectWise suite of solutions, we’re actually able to say that we can automate a lot of our processes. It means that not only are we saving time in the business, but we’re making sure we’re capturing all of the revenue.”

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Mirus IT

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Mirus IT, started his business in 2002. With a regional office in London, Mirus IT is based out of Milton Keynes—a town in southern England. Specialising in IT services, the company also provides telephony, managed prints, and other associated services. “Our typical customer size is a 50-employee business, but we do have much larger businesses that we also look after. Turnover this year across the group will be around £10 million and profit will sit at around £1 million,” the co-founder shared.

Lacking What’s Important: Integration

Paul and his team had been using an RMM and PSA solution for about 12 years, but knew they needed to make a change. The old platforms they used had no integration capabilities with third-party solutions and lacked certain features—making tasks such as financial reporting and understanding customer profitability tough to accomplish. Once they discovered how easy it is for ConnectWise solutions to integrate with an array of other tools and solutions—as well as each other—they knew they found their match. The first solution Mirus IT implemented was ConnectWise Manage. Originally, their PSA system only ran the service delivery part of the business. Expanding it into all areas of the company allowed for a smooth start-to-finish experience—for both employees and clients—from prospect through to service delivery and auditing. Prior to ConnectWise Manage, getting techs to enter their time was a constant battle. Now that they know the value it brings and how easy it is to do, techs accurately track their time without hesitation.

“The ConnectWise Manage tool, because of the integrations, really is the perfect tool for our business,” Paul expressed. “I don’t think there’s another tool that, even if we went to the market now, we would find as a better fit.”

Relying on the Power of Automation

Mirus IT also implemented ConnectWise Automate to handle patch management, remote control, and remote monitoring of endpoints. The ability to derive scripts from ConnectWise Automate through to ConnectWise Manage seamlessly and accurately is very important to their daily operations. “What we’re really excited about is, as the ConnectWise journey continues and we see those tools work more closely together, we’re going to get more value out of the integrations that are available,” Paul says. Even on-boarding new engineers has become a hands-off, automated process for the team.

“The ConnectWise community is probably one of the real strengths that ConnectWise has. We’ve seen with other tools we’ve used in the past that people work in a very isolated way. They don't push forward ideas to share within a community. With ConnectWise, they positively encourage a community, and the integration partners are adopting that same kind of approach.”

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Mirus IT

Smarter Quoting, More Sales

The streamlined processes don’t end there. Mirus IT also utilises ConnectWise Sell, and enjoys its integration capabilities with ConnectWise Manage. Initially using the product for just basic quotes, they can now handle contract quotes through to contract management. In addition, the accuracy and detailed information in the quotes allow clients to fully understand the services they’re being offered. ConnectWise Sell’s BI integration and reporting capabilities also enable them to fully understand top-performing customers and use that information to generate more sales. “We’ve had great feedback from customers regarding their quote experience. They like that they have the opportunity to download a PDF file, and feel the quotes look very professional,” Paul shared.

A Community Who Shares Success

What else do Paul and his team enjoy about partnering with ConnectWise? A robust, energetic community and the opportunity to collaborate with other business owners at annual events. Paul loves that you can learn new things from other IT professionals in the industry, and even discuss the different ways they use ConnectWise products. “It’s that opportunity to work together to improve the service we deliver to our customers, and also to potentially improve the profits we have in the business.”

Paul and the Mirus IT team have a great relationship with ConnectWise, and are happy to find that anyone they approach is always willing to help and ensure they get the answers they need. “I don’t think we’ve had a single poor interaction with anyone in the ConnectWise business. Everybody is always helpful, and they always have a smile on their face. It’s a great company to work alongside.”

Taking Efficiency to a Higher Level

Since implementing ConnectWise solutions, the Mirus IT team has seen a 10% increase in same-day fixes and a 25-minute reduction in resolution time for IT issues. “Because of the way the tools integrate, it has allowed us to become more efficient in what we’re doing—allowing us to deliver better service to our clients,” Paul said happily. “We’ve also seen a reduction in response times and huge improvements in the efficiency of our back-end processes.”

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