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How ConnectWise Took Grassroots IT from a Grassroots Effort to a Scaling Success

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Grassroots IT

Founded in 2005 in Brisbane, Grassroots IT had a clear mission: Deliver technology that drives real business change and increase operational efficiencies. Like many similar growing MSPs, much of its employees’ time was being spent manually invoicing, tracking, record keeping, and sourcing information from multiple applications across the business. This not only took up valuable work hours but also led to human errors, and, at this point, Grassroots IT recognised that it needed a more efficient, error-free system to manage client sales, accounting, and data to reach its growth trajectory.

Grassroots IT, a results-oriented IT consulting firm located in Brisbane, Australia, needed guidance in scaling its business and identifying consumer needs.
Grassroots IT implemented ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate, and ConnectWise Sell early on in the company’s trajectory to lay a foundation for future growth needs.
Through the implementation of best practices and processes, Grassroots IT has been able to leverage ConnectWise to generate business insights that drive operational efficiencies while also increasing profit margins and delivering greater customer value and experience.

‘With ConnectWise, we can deliver efficiently, and I know that that bit of my business is just going to do what it’s meant to do...That’s what really lets us spend our time looking at what’s next.’

– Ben Love, Founder and Managing Director, Grassroots IT

Developing a Modern Business

Lacking the business process knowledge needed to scale the business effectively, Grassroots IT sought to implement a solution that was aligned to industry best practices and eliminated the trial and error activity Grassroots IT had traversed prior to implementing ConnectWise.

'ConnectWise introduced to our business all the lessons and collective knowledge that had gone into creating a solution that now guided and influenced our business processes. So, in that sense, it fast-tracked our operational maturity immensely’ said Ben Love, Managing Director of Grassroots IT.

To ensure a successful implementation, ConnectWise leverages best practice deployment methodology to proactively identify and address any areas of risk and ensure a seamless deployment and configuration. New employees to Grassroots IT are able to leverage ConnectWise University, which provides a comprehensive series of training material to enable and quicken user adoption effectively.

Data Driven Insights Delivering Customer Value

By eliminating data silos, Grassroots IT was able to identify valuable trends in client data and proactively identify solutions that could drive customer efficiencies. Over time, armed with an aggregate of trend-driven data, Grassroots IT was able to deliver a greater number of personalised services to its customers, which helped generate higher margins and deliver the most competitive pricing available.

‘The data we’ve collected in ConnectWise and the ability to pull insights from it is really what guides a lot of our business focus and efforts. We leverage the ConnectWise platform to work out where opportunities might lie within our client base, within our current skillset, knowledge set to move the business in the direction we need it to be going in while not making a huge breakaway from what we have been doing,’ said Love.

Innovation Driven

A monumental aspect of Grassroots IT’s development was the implementation of automation across billing, ticket management, and service delivery. ‘It’s even hard for me to think these days about how we would do things if we did not have the automation in place. It’s just such a core part of how we run our business which has led to immense savings,’ said Love.

Automation has not only saved Grassroots IT time but has increased customer consistency in engagement and ability to deliver a more personalised customer experience.

Grassroots IT’s focus since inception was to deliver innovative solutions to its customers. However, in order to help do so, Grassroots IT needed to implement and leverage industry best practices and processes to provide insight to help drive this innovation. This then allowed Grassroots IT leadership team to step away from the logistical facets of the business and focus on strategy, growth, and acquisition.

‘What the ConnectWise suite does for me specifically is ensure I know how all those parts of my business run,’ said Love. These systems have also accelerated Grassroots IT’s growth with minimal operational challenges.

‘You don’t need to have all those problems because it comes back to that operational efficiency and maturity internally, which removes the friction in all of these processes. That’s where the ConnectWise suite can deliver,’ said Love. ‘It’s just inconceivable that we would be able to do what we currently do without ConnectWise.’

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