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One Brisbane MSP desperately needed a fully scalable and integrated business solution to fulfill their clients’ needs and help grow the business.


Introducing the ConnectWise suite of solutions gave Grassroots IT better visibility into their business operations, improving efficiencies and decreasing stress for their team.


Not only has Grassroots IT expanded as a company, but implementing ConnectWise has brought peace of mind, allowing the company to primarily focus on providing outstanding service to its clients.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Grassroots IT is a managed services provider (MSP) dedicated to supplying 'IT help for humans.' Ben Love, Managing Director of Grassroots IT, started the company out of a family garage with his wife, Annie, over a decade ago. Now, the company has 20 team members, ranging from seasoned IT technicians to administration and marketing roles.

Problems with Scale

Like many emerging technology businesses, Grassroots IT initially used Excel spreadsheets and various other tools to manage their day-to-day operations. After some time had passed, they began using SharePoint for reporting and invoicing. It didn’t take long to realise that both tools lacked the scalability the company was looking for. 'The system really wasn’t going to scale beyond where it was,' Ben explains. 'Even with the number of people we had and the amount of work we were putting through at that small size.' He recognised that SharePoint was struggling to providing them with any type of visibility into their business operations. Ben knew it was time to start thinking of an alternative, and that’s when he discovered ConnectWise. 'We looked at a couple of different systems that were around at the time. One of the things that we liked about ConnectWise Manage® was the ability to run so many different areas of our business out of an integrated system, so we wouldn’t have to worry about piecing together different applications from different vendors to bring together the full feature set that we needed.' For Ben and his team, ConnectWise Manage could execute on everything–from service desk ticketing to projects to invoicing–all within one integrated platform.

A Focal Shift – From Quantity of Work to Quality of Service

Once Grassroots IT partnered with ConnectWise, growing the business and focusing on providing outstanding customer service became top focus for Ben. 'We didn’t have to spend our limited resources, like time, energy, and money, worrying about the operating system that our business was running on,' he says. Ben and his team could now spend time focusing on their customers and delivering service that far exceeded their needs. 'It really let us turn our attention from being bogged down in our own business to being able to engage with our client’s businesses and spend more time with them.'

ConnectWise Manage also gave Ben better visibility into his business operations – something he’d been looking for since day one. 'It’s my responsibility to make sure all elements of the business function properly. I can’t just stay focused on finance or on technical service delivery. I need to have visibility over the whole thing to make sure everything is on track and running.' With ConnectWise Manage, Ben and his team have quick access to everything they need regarding their clients. They’re able to monitor their clients’ configurations, keep track of what machines they’re working on, what services they have, the technical details involved, when their warranties expire, and much more.

ConnectWise Manage also gives them visibility into their clients from a CRM perspective. 'We can look at their business. We can look at their contacts. We can look at their teams and the interrelationships between their people. We can look at all of their activities and know when we last had contact with a client, what products they purchased, and what projects we’ve got underway,' says Ben. Having ConnectWise Manage in place meant less stress on Ben and his team. It also meant that Ben could go home at the end of the day and not worry about their clients. 'I like spending time with my wife and kids, and ConnectWise Manage lets me step away from the desk, step away from the business, safe in the knowledge that all of those parts are functioning the way they should.'

'We knew that we could have faith in ConnectWise to take care of the bits it was there for so that we could spend our time with our clients.'

– BEN LOVE, Managing Director, Grassroots IT

The Trinity of Integration

Grassroots IT has since adopted ConnectWise Automate® and ConnectWise Sell® into their business model–creating what Ben likes to call the “Holy Trinity”. 'The integration between all of the different pieces makes a massive difference to our business. We’ve got ConnectWise Automate talking back to ConnectWise Manage for configurations. With ConnectWise Sell, we can prepare a quote or a proposal for a client. We can do a real-time lookup with ConnectWise Manage to find client contact details. The communication between the three systems saves us a massive amount of time and gives us very quick access to all of the information that we need.'

The Right Tools–The Right Balance

While ConnectWise Manage has allowed Ben the much-coveted work-life balance of a technology entrepreneur, having the ConnectWise solutions in place have also allowed new leaders to emerge within Grassroots IT. 'With the right business tools in place, each team leader has clarity about what their responsibilities are and how they are tracking toward success.' ConnectWise Manage allows Ben to work with his leadership team to define appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs), so that everyone is on the same page and knows what success “looks like.” Likewise, ConnectWise Manage gives them visibility so that success doesn’t become vague or fluffy–it’s right there, in the numbers and on the dashboard. As Grassroots IT has grown as a company, Ben’s confidence has grown in his management team to deliver on what they need to deliver on.

Making Your Mark

'I don’t think it’s possible to run a business in this space without having ConnectWise in place,' says Ben. 'When you start a business or when you’re looking to address a business that needs help, there are certain baselines that need to be met before the people and the organisation can really start to make their mark, and as far as I’m concerned, ConnectWise is really part of that baseline.' The importance of having a proper ticketing system, a solid CRM, and an efficient quote and proposal tool are all items Ben says a fledgling business needs to have in place before they can truly be successful. 'I could very, very comfortably recommend ConnectWise to anyone, safe in the knowledge that you can put ConnectWise in place and you know you’re going to have a business operating system that can deal with 95% of the baseline that your business needs. You can then get on with making your mark in the world, talking to your clients, and doing something remarkable'.

Get to Know the ConnectWise Solutions

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ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate allows you to manage everything through a single console, giving your team one product to rapidly and efficiently manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

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ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage gives you one central hub, delivering one application to enable excellent service delivery every time. In other words, we’re in the business of making YOUR business easier.

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ConnectWise Control

Everything changes with ConnectWise Control. Connect instantly, no matter where your customers are, and solve problems before your customers can finish explaining.

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ConnectWise Sell
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Grow your business with a quote and proposal automation solution that gives you access to real-time pricing and helps you close deals faster.

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ConnectWise Identify

Make your security conversations more impactful by assessing your customers’ full risk posture.

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