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Australian IT Company Sees Rapid Growth with ConnectWise

First Focus IT has offices in most capital cities in Australia and, like many managed services providers, focuses heavily on professional services firms, but have lately been branching out in to construction and manufacturing as well. According to National Services Manager, Ross Sardi, First Focus IT is unique in that because they are national in Australia, their reach is broader than most companies. Sardi, who has been with the company for three years, not only serves as National Services Manager but as part of the sales team as well. “I love helping people use technology,” says Sardi. “I like making a difference in their lives, whether it’s personally or through their business.”


First Focus was ready for major growth, but needed solutions that could meet them at every step along the way.


By embracing solutions that worked tightly with all of their tools, the company was able to avoid major growing pains.


Simple, streamlined solutions have helped First Focus grow their business easily, improving efficiency and profit.

Two years ago, it might have seemed like a lofty goal to increase staff from 50 to 90 employees for Australian company, First Focus IT, however, after partnering with ConnectWise and utilising all the tools in their toolbox, it may only be a matter of time before they expand into another five offices.

Previously, First Focus IT used Kaseya to manage their day-to-day work. However, they have since switched over to ConnectWise Automate® and have found the switch beneficial. “We made that shift because there’s a lot of benefit there with the whole suite,” explains Sardi. Before working for First Focus IT, Sardi previously used ConnectWise in his previous companies.

“I’ve used ConnectWise Manage®, or ConnectWise as it was called then, for many years. Both the previous companies I was in had ConnectWise,” he says. With First Focus IT, ConnectWise Manage has been integral to their operations. “We use ConnectWise Manage very, very heavily,” he says. “It’s everything we do.” Growing from 50 employees to 90 meant it was more important than ever to keep things structured and organised. “It’s really been important for us to standardize the way we do things,” he tells. “Especially now where we’re in four or five locations, you don’t get to talk to everyone all the time so having one place we can go to for everything is essential.” Sardi was also very impressed with how easy ConnectWise made automation. “Removing that human element from some of the basic tasks, that day to day stuff, has been really important from a service side,” he laments. “We deal with about 250 tickets a day so it’s been really important to automate a lot of that.”

From a sales perspective, ConnectWise Manage® and ConnectWise Sell® have been instrumental in First Focus IT’s success. “Standardising the way that we do proposals and quotes has made the difference,” says Sardi. “I couldn’t imagine having the business without them.” ConnectWise Sell has been particularly beneficial to First Focus IT. “It has been really integral to the way we developed a lot of our sales,” he explains. “If we sell something, it has to go out via ConnectWise Sell first.” Sardi and his team have noticed a huge increase in productivity also. “We’ve been able to turn around stuff a lot quicker than we could before.”

"Because all the processes that we have are so tied into ConnectWise Manage, we can have a lot of the other third party products from the marketplace that go into enhancing the experience that we can provide our customers."

-ROSS SARDI, National Services Manager, First Focus IT

First Focus IT also uses ConnectWise Automate to improve their everyday efficiency. When they first switched to ConnectWise Automate, they were pleased with how pain-free it was to establish. “When we started the process of moving to ConnectWise Automate, we had a fairly short time frame that we had to get the project done in,” Sardi recalls. “We wanted the whole project to be done in about three months. The implementation guys did a really good job getting that up very quickly. Any issues were dealt with and now it’s all running very well.” The company also uses ConnectWise Control® in conjunction with ConnectWise Automate. “We use ConnectWise Control,” Sardi describes, “to connect to all our clients and deliver support. It’s been a really big improvement over Kaseya. It’s a lot quicker, it’s a lot more stable, and all our techs have reported they like using it a lot better than they did Kaseya.”

IT Nation, ConnectWise’s annual worldwide conference, brings together businesses great and small to not only learn more about the products, but from each other as well. Luckily for First Focus IT, Sardi was able to participate in the latest IT Nation and was really inspired by the event.

“This was my first time at IT Nation and it was really great getting to hear from a lot of companies in the US who, although on the other side of the world, don’t do things all that differently,” he says. “It’s still really been valuable to hear different ways of doing things.”

Overall, Sardi and his team have been very happy working with ConnectWise and have found the experience not only positive but profitable as well. “My experience working with ConnectWise has been very good,” he says. “It can be challenging for people in Australia working with companies in the US, but the support we get is very good.” Sardi says that he’d happily recommend ConnectWise to any IT company interested.

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