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For One Maltese Company, ConnectWise Meant Decreased Downtime and Increased Cash Flow

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Eyetech Ltd.

Eyetech Ltd., a Malta-based IT services company, has offered the region security, hardware, and infrastructure services plus off-the-shelf products since 2002. For Patrick Cutajar, Managing Director at Eyetech Ltd., the ConnectWise solution has been a significant boost for the small company. Before ConnectWise, the staff was using a paper-based administrative system. With 26 employees, this meant a large amount of time was dedicated to day-to-day management, leading to confusion and a decrease in productivity. “We had internal legacy software built for us where we had to input all our time sheets manually,” Patrick explains. “I had a secretary focused only on that and it took a lot of time. To issue an invoice sometimes took us six months.”

Without a strong time sheet solution, Eyetech Ltd. had a manual process for time tracking and billing. As a result, invoices could take up to six months to issue, delaying cash flow.
With ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate, Eyetech has digitised its time sheets, automated customer reports, and put all key data at employee fingertips—making billing a breeze while boosting productivity and revenue.
Eyetech enjoys timely cash flow and no invoicing backlog. The company can now communicate seamlessly with customers. With these shifts, Eyetech Ltd. has transitioned from a company selling commoditised break/fix services to a more valuable MSP.

“We can call a customer when a computer has an issue, before they even know there is something wrong. We’re able to do this thanks to ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage.”

– PATRICK CUTAJAR, Managing Director, Eyetech Ltd.

Better Invoicing Means Higher Cash Flow

Deeply unhappy with their old processes, Patrick began researching potential time-saving options. Eventually he narrowed his search down to two choices: Autotask and ConnectWise. “From the demos I did with both companies, in my opinion, ConnectWise was the product for us,” says Patrick. What really made ConnectWise stand out from the other vendor was the ease of importing data and visibility of information in the ConnectWise interface.

Eyetech Ltd. currently uses ConnectWise Manage in conjunction with ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Control. For Patrick, ConnectWise Manage is a perfect system. “It allows us to focus on the skills of our employees and see that our employees actually deliver on the SLA agreements,” he says. “The dashboards come pre-populated so you can use them to analyse tickets, analyse time trends, and analyse each individual on what they’re doing right or wrong, which is very helpful.” Invoicing, ticketing, billing, and issue follow-up were also revolutionised with ConnectWise Manage. “Now invoices are getting out much quicker so that has heavily improved our cash flow.”

Essential Third Party Integration

The integration ConnectWise Manage has with other third-party software also really caught Patrick’s eye. “We do not use ConnectWise Sell,” he admits, “but we use another platform that does practically the same thing and all the information that we gather through that software can be found everywhere in ConnectWise.” It’s a cinch for Patrick and his team to input information into their third-party software and see it show up immediately in ConnectWise Manage. “All the information that we send to the customer is sent through ConnectWise via tickets,” says Patrick. “If it’s not in ConnectWise,” he continues, “it didn’t happen.”


Patch Management Simplified

Eyetech Ltd. has been using ConnectWise Automate for the past two years, but it’s only been within the last six months that Patrick and his team has used the tool to its full potential. “There was a year of testing within our environment first. Then we tested it with some customers,” Patrick explained. The monitoring and automation functions caught Patrick’s eye, but a benefit that really helps his team is ConnectWise Automate’s patch management capabilities. “It’s a very good tool for us, especially now that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in place,” he says. Automating patch management keeps their customers’ endpoints updated and keeps Eyetech Ltd. in compliance with regulations. Patrick also likes ConnectWise Automate’s reporting function. “You can send reports on a monthly basis directly to the customer and they can see all the information that they need.”

Winning Big at IT Nation

Patrick had the incredible opportunity to attend both last year’s IT Nation Europe in London and this year’s IT Nation in Orlando, FL, and continues to be very impressed with the conference. “You can really see the vision of where ConnectWise is going. You get a lot out of the keynotes with an event like this,” says Patrick. IT Nation has been a great way for him to gain insight on how to improve the processes and overall strategy for Eyetech Ltd.

This year, Eyetech Ltd. also came away with the coveted ConnectWise Partner of the Year Award for 2018, something Patrick takes great pride in. “It was amazing that I had the opportunity to have lunch with Arnie Bellini.” After the lunch, Patrick saw the true value of working with a partner like ConnectWise.

From Break/Fix to Proactive Management

Patrick and his team at Eyetech Ltd. are currently embarking on a new chapter for the company: managed services. Previously focused on break/fix, the team is transitioning more and more to preventative measures for their customer base. “ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate are changing the way our business is built,” Patrick states. “We’re now focusing on giving a better service to the customer before even the customer knows that they need something.”

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