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BlueChip Infotech Revenues Rise through Business Process Modernisation

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BlueChip InfoTech

Established in 2001, BlueChip Infotech is a leading Australian technology distributor that focuses on delivering the latest IT products and solutions to a wide channel base while maintaining a dedicated commitment to first-class customer service. Providing over 30 technology vendor offerings and thousands of different products & solutions, BlueChip Infotech’s corporate objective is to exceed customer expectations, build long-term customer and supplier business relationships, and provide value for money of products, customer service, and support, all while making it easier for resellers to do business with them.

As BlueChip Infotech experienced continued business growth, its operational complexity increased, resulting in the adoption of many individual applications and disjointed business processes. Customer information was being saved in a number of application silos which resulted in the inability to not only accurately understand past business and customer trends, but the inability to undertake accurate forecasting to proactively identify and address future customer needs.

To help create a scalable modern business which leverages best practices and delivers a greater customer experience, BlueChip Infotech turned to ConnectWise.

With an emphasis on delivering great customer service and experience, BlueChip Infotech needed to modernise a number of business processes to drive operational efficiencies that led to happier and more profitable customers.
BlueChip Infotech identified the opportunity to deliver a greater customer experience while increasing operational revenues and profitability by streamlining and automating a number of business processes with the implementation of ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell.
Through the implementation of best practices and processes, BlueChip Infotech has been able to increase customer application renewals by approximately 15%, maintain a 95% customer retention rate, and increase overall sales by 9% through leveraging ConnectWise.

'ConnectWise isn’t just a tool, but a blueprint for how things should be done leveraging best practices.'

- Ron Jarvis, Sales Director, BlueChip Infotech

Increasing Organisation Revenue and Profitability

Simplifying and consolidating applications and business processes provided the executive and management team with the opportunity to easily access information that could be used to make more informed and educated business decisions that increased efficiencies, revenue, and profit.

A key business benefit to migrating to ConnectWise Manage was helping BlueChip InfoTech improve the transparency into the day-to-day activity of their customer-facing team. This transparency then resulted in processes to be put in place, which increased overall productivity and employee accountability.

The adoption of ConnectWise Sell has helped shorten BlueChip Infotech’s sales cycle and increased sales by 9%. ‘The ability for our team to accurately track all customer quotes, update these quotes, and quickly get quotes back to our customers and follow these up, has not only resulted in increased customer satisfaction and increased new business orders, but has helped increase revenue and profit,’ said Ron Jarvis, Sales Director at BlueChip Infotech.

BlueChip Infotech is also benefiting from the sales proposal templates. These templates not only deliver a more consistent and professional look and feel but have helped reduce the number of customer line item enquiries due to the standardisation of the quoting process and the removal of ambiguous line item descriptions. Standardisation has helped streamline the quote to sale process and has increased quoting efficiency leading to an increase in the quote to sale conversion.

ConnectWise Manage has helped BlueChip Infotech deliver a greater level of customer service and personalisation through the implementation of best practices and processes. ‘ConnectWise has been able to assist us in increasing customer application renewals by around 15% while also helping us maintain a 95% customer retention rate,’ Ron said.

To ensure a successful implementation, BlueChip Infotech leveraged the best practices within ConnectWise’s deployment methodology to proactively identify and address any areas of risk and ensure a seamless deployment and configuration. To quickly promote new user adoption, BlueChip Infotech employees accessed the ConnectWise University, which provided them with a comprehensive series of training materials which helped drive internal business process adoption and efficiencies.


Driving Business Insights

The ability to collect and analyse data has provided BlueChip Infotech greater transparency into the business and be able to measure how the business is tracking against a predetermined baseline. This allows the management team to identify and address any challenges that may be restricting the business in achieving its objectives and help drive continual business improvement.

‘Increased access to data has allowed us to be able to make better-informed decisions on customer trends and products. We are now able to hold more meaningful discussions and make calculated decisions on facts rather than just on muscle and feel,’ Ron said. Better leveraging data and insights from ConnectWise has directly helped drive revenue and increase profit. ‘Data insight has allowed us to be able to develop a meaningful and trusted sales pipeline. It has provided us with the opportunity to undertake appropriate activities to help ensure that we achieve our corporate growth objectives.’

BlueChip Infotech’s customers ultimately benefit from data-driven insights that are generated. From receiving a better experience during the quoting process to all levels of customer engagement through the customer lifecycle. BlueChip Infotech is building trust that is driving customer retention and profitability.

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