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ConnectWise Offers Solutions and Support to Mangano IT

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Mangano IT

Mangano IT began as a small operation—but that doesn’t mean it had small ambitions.

In 2010, after five years in operation, its staff could still be counted on one hand, and essential business operations like time tracking, project management, and project quotes were created with Excel documents and Word software. For a while, these solutions had worked well, but now it was time to start thinking about the future. Mangano IT needed to implement system and process best practices to deliver critical insights on how time and resources were allocated.

Mangano IT, an MSP in Windsor, Australia, needed a core software system to scale its service effectively and measure resources accurately.
Back in 2010, when the company was still very small, Mangano IT began using a full range of ConnectWise products—including ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell, and ConnectWise Automate.
ConnectWise helped Mangano IT grow at a sustainable rate, offering key insights along the way to ensure resources were managed effectively.

"The learning [with IT Nation Evolve] is invaluable. Before joining, we were essentially falling over ourselves in the right direction. But joining something like Evolve, genuinely, it informs you. You’re able to understand what ‘good’ practices look like, in terms of financial benchmarks, tangible metrics, etc."

- PAUL MANGANO, Managing Director, Mangano IT

‘We wanted to grow, and to do that we needed the ability to monitor, measure, and utilise resources expertly. This is the main reason we decided to go with ConnectWise,’ said Paul Mangano, Managing Director of Mangano IT.

Mangano IT opted to start using a full range of ConnectWise products, including ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Sell, ConnectWise Automate, and ConnectWise Control. By using this slate of ConnectWise products, Mangano IT can easily integrate key processes and gain a greater understanding of how its team is working.

‘ConnectWise has allowed us to easily scale up our business and implement processes without having to increase headcount while helping us reduce our operational costs. As the company looked to scale, we needed to make sure our techs are effectively and efficiently doing their jobs. ConnectWise makes this simple. Time is tracked automatically, and with ConnectWise Sell, this information can easily transfer to a client’s bill,’ said Mangano.

Driving Resource Allocation Efficiencies

Once Mangano IT switched to using the ConnectWise platform, company executives began to understand how the teams were working on a deeper, more precise level. This allowed them to determine an effective hourly rate to quote new clients and to find the most effective way to use resources across a team. And once they began to measure the data, they started spotting ways to improve their service.

‘We were able to then present our data back to the client and say, ok, last quarter you had X number of tickets, here are the people from your company who submitted the most tickets, and there are the areas where we think your team could potentially use some additional training,’ said Mangano.

Tracking Clients, Made Easy

ConnectWise Manage’s time tracking capabilities also delivered insights on the cost-effectiveness of each Mangano IT client. This metric proved pivotal as the company made plans going forward, helping executives understand the difference between ideal clients and those that should be avoided.

‘Some of our clients are needier than others. ConnectWise gave us the ability to measure both input and output, so we could see profitability and switch tactics to help projects stay cost-effective,’ said Mangano.

And to ensure that even the most time-consuming projects stay within budget, ConnectWise Manage gave Mangano IT’s executives insights into ways to leverage its growing staff.

‘ConnectWise has enabled us to scale our business and serve our clients without requiring as many people as maybe we would have needed once upon a time,’ said Mangano. ‘If we use the systems intelligently and to their full capacity, we can grow our client base effectively, without the need for additional people.’

Leveraging Data to Help Drive a Greater Customer Experience

Mangano IT leverages data collected from ConnectWise to help deliver a greater customer experience by providing its customers with greater insight into business transactions. Mangano IT gathers information on each client’s cost per month, the number of tickets processed, and technology requirements and presents this information to their clients in order to provide a detailed overview of not only the work undertaken, but also suggestions into future requirements. Being able to make these suggestions proactively has helped position Mangano IT as a trusted advisor.

‘The data in the system was there to support our client interactions and our recommendations and allowed us to have a more transparent, informed, and strategic conversations with our clients,’ said Mangano. ‘As a result, our clients can clearly understand where we’re coming from and be able to make the best decisions to drive business process efficiencies within their organisation. If we identify a risk within our customers business, we are now able to leverage data and insights to be able to back up and validate our recommendations.’

‘Ensuring that there is one central point of truth has allowed us to eliminate data silos and be able to paint one holistic picture of our customer and their needs. This has then allowed us to hold more in-depth quarterly technology reviews which in turn has delivered a greater customer experience which has directly resulted in increasing our customer retention,’ said Mangano.

By leveraging best practices and processes, ConnectWise products were able to seamlessly and quickly integrate into Mangano ITs existing technology environment. The increase in functionality received helped drive internal business process efficiencies and overall ROI. Promoting and driving user adoption has generally been a concern for many However, ConnectWise University was leveraged to help empower users to maximise the solutions’ capabilities and drive positive operational outcomes.

ConnectWise, Far More Than Just Software

For Mangano IT, ConnectWise’s value goes well beyond software alone. Mangano IT is a member of IT Nation Evolve, peer groups by ConnectWise, a network that brings together MSPs from all over the world. As part of this network, representatives from Mangano IT can collaborate and communicate with peers and gain critical information on how to increase business process and operational efficiencies by being able to benchmark Mangano IT against other successful businesses.

‘The learning [with IT Nation Evolve] is invaluable. Before joining, we were essentially falling over ourselves in the right direction. But joining something like IT Nation Evolve, genuinely, it informs you. You’re able to understand what ‘good’ practices look like, in terms of financial benchmarks, tangible metrics, etc.,’ said Mangano.

Thanks to the ConnectWise platform and IT Nation Evolve, Mangano IT is in a prime position to continue scaling its services intelligently and deliver even greater value to its clients.

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