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More than just automation: why this company switched to ConnectWise for the integrations—and never looked back

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Invincia Technologies

Invincia Technologies is a relatively new company—but it’s growing fast. Founded in 2016, the Florida-based managed services provider (MSP) made its first million in 2018 and is on track to almost double that for 2019.

Invincia Technologies, a Florida-based MSP, was frustrated by the lack of integrations and customization offered by its software provider.
Invincia switched to ConnectWise Automate® and ConnectWise Manage® and began building out a customized program, bolstered by ConnectWise’s vast library of integrations.
The supplementary resources and next-level automation provided by ConnectWise have helped Invincia save time, improve accuracy, and enjoy greater reliability.

“ConnectWise Automate doesn’t play with automation. It is automation.”

Brian Kozarich, Director of Technology Services at Invincia Technologies

“The integrations are just flawless.”

Brian Kozarich, Director of Technology Services at Invincia Technologies

But as the company grew, it quickly became clear that its technology provider was no longer meeting its needs. Customization options were limited, and the provider continuously promised that more integration options were coming, but they never materialized.

This meant that techs were forced to manually script countless alerts, sending efficiency plummeting. Knowing that there must be a better way, Invincia turned to ConnectWise.

Six months later, Brian Kozarich, Director of Technology Services at Invincia, is already seeing the benefits.

“It’s like night and day,” he said.

Making the leap

Kozarich had considered using ConnectWise in the past, but since Invincia was still young and its budget was limited, the team felt more comfortable going with a provider that employees had previous experience with. After signing up for management and professional services automation (PSA) software with this provider, however, the gaps quickly became apparent. Since few companies would touch the software, Invincia had to go directly to the provider for customization—and paid through the nose for it.

Frustrated, Invincia looped back round to ConnectWise. Under the guidance of consultancy Bering McKinley, it implemented ConnectWise Manage in 2019 and is currently building out the program to deliver maximum impact.

“Once we’re finished building it out, ConnectWise Manage will do everything from prospecting to quoting to invoicing, tickets, projects, and everything under the sun,” Kozarich said. “It will truly be used as a PSA, as intended.”

While the team immediately saw the benefits of using ConnectWise Manage, it soon ran into another snag. It was still relying on remote monitoring and management (RMM) software from its previous provider—but the provider did not support integration with ConnectWise Manage.

“We talked to our account manager for ConnectWise Manage and said, make us an offer we can’t refuse,” Kozarich recalled. “And she did. So, we added ConnectWise Automate.”

Embracing integrations and customization

One of the key benefits that Invincia noticed immediately was the sheer number of integrations that ConnectWise offered compared to its previous provider.

“We’re finding specifically with ConnectWise Automate, there are a lot more third-party tools and plug-ins,” Kozarich said. “Our previous provider had been promising for over a year that there was a StorageCraft plug-in coming. You go over to ConnectWise Automate, it’s there, you turn it on, it works.”

Invincia has already made use of a number of ConnectWise integrations, including Third Wall for security and Roar for documentation. For Kozarich, the level of customizability has been hugely beneficial. Since the company’s previous provider only offered about a hundred basic alerts, he and his team were often forced to build their own.

“ConnectWise gives out thousands and leaves it up to us to turn off what we don’t want,” Kozarich said, “I find that to be such a refreshing difference. I don’t have to go search for things.”

This has saved the team a lot of time and headaches. And Kozarich says it’s not just the quantity of alerts that’s gone up—the alerts provided by ConnectWise are also significantly more accurate.

Interestingly, even though the team doesn’t need to script nearly as often as it used to, it often finds itself wanting to. ConnectWise’s superior scripting platform makes the process a lot more seamless and enjoyable.

“We actually find ourselves writing a lot of basic intermediate scripts now to automate future processes,” Kozarich said. “There’s definitely been a big benefit there.”

Building for the future

While Invincia’s ConnectWise rollout is still underway, Kozarich is confident that the company made the right choice.

“On the ticketing side of it, the integrations are just flawless,” he said. “We’re getting the tickets; now we’re building the processes to not just complete tickets but audit them and make sure time is entered. While it’s been a transition to say the least, it has been a very enjoyable one because of what’s coming out on the other end.”

For Kozarich, the biggest benefit of switching to ConnectWise is the reliability it provides. After Invincia’s previous provider removed the control function, the tools the team relied on would frequently drop the connection, costing technicians valuable time while they waited to reconnect. That’s no longer an issue. Techs are a lot more efficient—and a lot less frustrated.

“ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ is so much more robust,” Kozarich said. “Both in what it can do as far as uploading files and entering passwords from the clipboard, and in the chat function that’s built-in. It’s just no comparison.”

While ConnectWise’s solutions are a little more complex than the tools Invincia previously used, Kozarich would never go back. The automation options alone are on a whole other level.

“ConnectWise Automate doesn’t play with automation,” Kozarich said. “It is automation.”

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