Identity Management by ConnectWise + Evo

Secure and streamline client access to devices and applications

Identity is the #1 attack vector

Your clients’ user credentials are an attacker’s fastest path to a payday. Once in the system, threat actors stealthily move within the environment until they reach their desired targets―from a critical system for ransom to highly valuable data.

Protect your clients’ critical assets and address compliance requirements with Identity Management by ConnectWise + Evo. You’ll deliver services that help validate and secure user access without disrupting business work streams. Strengthen your defenses against the most common and destructive form of cyberattack today against the most common and exploited attack vector.

Centrally secure your clients’ largest attack surface at scale

Quickly validate user access

Deliver multi-factor authentication (MFA) for web apps, workstations, servers, VPNs, firewalls, switches, and more.

Stop messy password management

Improve your clients’ security and workstream efficiency with single sign-on (SSO) authentication for web apps.

According to Microsoft, 95% of all web application attacks are a result of weak or stolen user credentials, and 61% of people reuse the same or similar password everywhere. Help your clients use best practices to protect their data with Identity Management.

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