ConnectWise Unveils Robotic Process Automation and New Asio™ Workflow Orchestration

ORLANDO, Fla. - (November 8, 2023) - ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), today at IT Nation Connect showcased the evolution and future of its Asio™ Platform during CEO Jason Magee’s keynote, highlighting robotic process automation (RPA), a new service that offers hyperautomation to simplify the creation, deployment, and management of software robots that mimic human actions when interacting with digital systems and software. ConnectWise RPA, now available in the ConnectWise Asio™ Platform, aims to help TSPs overcome client challenges while simultaneously reducing labor costs. 

Evolution and Future of the Asio Platform 

For the past three years, ConnectWise has been on a mission to deliver more innovation to TSPs faster. The ConnectWise Asio platform is the only purpose-built Platform-as-a-Service solution for the IT channel ecosystem, consolidating multiple products into a modern user experience with a centralized dataset, powerful hyperautomation through RPA, with security, extensibility, and nearly unlimited scale as part of its core.  

“ConnectWise has made substantial investments, particularly in how Asio has elevated the foundation to drive innovations like RPA, extensibility, and product quality at an accelerated pace,” said Magee. “The platform enables us to centralize foundational elements such as companies, contacts, devices, tickets, and APIs in ways that create amazing synergies with the world of hyperautomation. Allowing Asio to connect the physical and digital worlds in new ways that would have been very difficult or nearly impossible as independent point solutions.” 

ConnectWise RPA™ 

ConnectWise RPA has emerged as a cutting-edge industry solution to curb labor costs by enabling teams to automate more of the repetitive, time-consuming processes that take up valuable time. The ability to automate process flows between products and remove manual, repetitive tasks is pivotal to enabling team efficiency and driving customer satisfaction. ConnectWise RPA  reduces manual efforts, presenting an opportunity not just for cost savings but also allowing smaller companies to become more competitive.   

“As organizations are tasked with doing more with less in today’s economic environment, bringing RPA to our Asio platform is a logical step in providing greater operational and cost efficiency to our partners and end-users,” said Magee. “We’ve been listening to the needs of our partners and are excited to deliver this groundbreaking technology. Partners no longer need to buy standalone RPA products when using ConnectWise. It is built into our foundational technology so that partners can truly maximize our services at a fraction of the cost.”  

The offering comprises two key components: ConnectWise RPA and the new Asio workflow orchestration. ConnectWise RPA empowers teams to eliminate manual steps in processes and tackle time-consuming tasks using prebuilt bots. This not only reduces their workload but also enables them to focus on more critical activities. In addition, the visual workflow orchestration feature users can automate across multiple ConnectWise products and third-party solutions and seamlessly integrate their most frequently used tools. This intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it effortless to include a wider range of processes, enhancing efficiency and simplifying operations for users. 

“I’m an Asio evangelist, and I can’t say enough great things about it,” said Rod Bledsoe, Vice President at ACNS. “With the platform powering my day-to-day operations, our productivity has significantly increased. It offers automatic patching for our 1000+ endpoints and cultivates significant trust with customers.” 

The IT channel ecosystem will be able to see and try the newly enhanced Asio platform at IT Nation Connect. To learn more about ConnectWise, the Asio platform, RPA services, and other innovations, please visit https://www.connectwise.com/platform 

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