ConnectWise Fuels Business Growth Through Modes Theory System and Program Expansion Leading Up to IT Nation Connect

Announces New Assets to Empower TSPs

TAMPA, Fla. (Oct. 11, 2023) -- ConnectWise, the world’s leading software company dedicated to the success of IT solution providers (TSPs), announced the expansion to its Modes Theory™ System (Modes Theory), adding two new assets for Clients and Leadership Teams, that will be available at IT Nation Connect, the premier TSP conference for inspiration, education, and community, taking place November 8-11.

Modes Theory is designed to transform what’s possible for TSPs and fuel business growth through four modes: Startup Mode, Balance Builder Mode, Value Builder Mode, and Empire Builder Mode. It helps partners determine internal alignment on long-term goals, strategy for business growth, desired outcomes (such as acquisition or exit), and how the business is run. 

Through the Modes Theory Assessment and Worksheets, TSPs learn the current Mode of their business. The Modes Owner Assessment ™ helps determine which mode a TSP is currently in and may aspire to reach. With the two new assets, Client and Discussion Worksheets, Modes Theory’s scope is broadened beyond the owner asset to encompass every aspect of a TSP’s business.

"At ConnectWise, we're dedicated to helping TSPs realize their most ambitious and sustainable vision of success," said Arlin Sorensen, VP of Ecosystem Evangelism with ConnectWise. "Modes Theory has already played a crucial role in helping hundreds of TSPs identify their best selves and optimize their operations, and these two new assets promise an even deeper level of insight.”

“The Modes Client asset opens some very cool doors with respect to client fit, plans for growth, and the impact of IT on their organization,” said Sean Tindall, President of Bulletproof InfoTech and a ConnectWise partner. “I’ve been comparing this to having a risk assets discussion with clients. Some of our smaller, less mature clients have never really thought about risk, let alone their company's Operational Maturity Level."

Client assets within Modes Theory empower partners to engage more deeply with prospects and clients, identify opportunities, increase retention, and drive customer satisfaction. The Team Member Discussion Worksheets help partners better understand team members' current and future goals, improve role alignment and employee satisfaction, and attract and retain the right talent.

With enhanced insights and an array of purpose-built interrelated concepts, tools, and benchmarks, TSPs using Modes Theory can engineer a resilient and profitable business while navigating uncertainty and continuous change. According to the Small Business Administration, less than half of new businesses survive more than five years due to inadequate road mapping, which is often cited as a prime reason for failure. Modes Theory gives businesses the best chance to survive and thrive in any circumstance.

Modes Theory is helping partners worldwide realize their growth potential and has become a valuable component of ConnectWise's suite of robust TSP-centered tools, resources, and in-person events. The company has generated over 2,000 Modes Theory Assessments for TSPs.

The expanded approach is designed to ensure that every aspect of a given business, from routine client interactions to the ambitions of individual team members, is in productive, goal-oriented alignment. When combined with IT Nation Evolve peer groups and Service Leadership’s partner intelligence, TSPs receive a roadmap and the accountability they need to ensure execution.

Along with two new Modes Theory assets, ConnectWise is focused on integrating Modes Theory elements within IT Nation Evolve peer groups. Attendees will learn about improvements to ConnectWise's Partner Success Program and are encouraged to engage with a Partner Success Manager who will support them in using their current mode as a base to build a Success Plan tailor-made for the organization.

The new assets and value drivers of the comprehensive Modes Theory System will be discussed in-depth during the Maximizing the Value of Modes Theory webinar on Tuesday, October 17. Register today

Learn more about Modes Theory.

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