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Ensure your services are considered essential to your customers

Using your customer relationship management strategy to your advantage

The reality of today’s environment is that your clients are actively looking at all expenses and cutting where they can. But how do you make sure your services are not on the chopping block? By demonstrating that you provide an essential service to the operations of their business, you ensure your clients look to you for guidance and assistance, and not as an expense to offload.

Go above and beyond to help your clients

As your clients crack open their books and look to where they can cut expenses, having a strong customer relationship and showing the value of your services can keep your MSP practices off the chopping block.

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Customer relationship resources


Check out our blog for advice on strengthening your customer relationships, understanding your customer needs, and measuring important KPIs like customer churn.

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Is your value dropping?

Offering Technology-as-a-Service is key to enhancing the customer experience, differentiating yourself from the competition, and winning long-term business.

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SLA management

SLAs allow you to easily communicate to your customers how important their IT infrastructure means to you and your team —providing them with a level of comfort. Don’t let SLA slip-ups cost you good customers.

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Looking for a service management solution?

Providing an unmatched client experience takes more than technical expertise. To build a loyal, satisfied client base, you need to make every touchpoint count. ConnectWise software solutions help TSPs improve the entire client experience—from sales, service, support, and everything in between.

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“With ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage), we’re able to clearly route tickets to the right people which gives us the opportunity to provide a very personalized service. That’s something our company is built on. Our customers have a dedicated service team that truly understands their business and we solve problems more effectively because of it.”

Peter Melby, CEO, Greystone Technology