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Overcome the Operational Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adapting to a remote workforce and the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges for managed service providers (MSPs). During a crisis or economic downturn, it’s critical to invest your time, energy, and focus into efforts that drive continuous improvement in your business.

How to Create Operational Efficiency Across Your Business

Eliminate the Silos of Chaos

Industry research estimates that the cost of your employees’ time managing legacy systems can amount to 20% of their day-to-day time and can cost you over $10,000 per employee. Now is the time to shed unnecessary operational expenses and replace disparate systems with one cohesive platform.

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*An independent study commissioned by ConnectWise, and conducted by Forrester Consulting

Create Employee Accountability

With teams spread across multiple locations, it’s easy for staff productivity to slip. Reinforce time tracking and dispatching to keep your techs and other employees busy and productive. ConnectWise Manage centralizes the day-to-day activities of your technicians within one tool, making it easier for them to meet SLAs and deliver excellent customer experiences.

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Maximize Resource Utilization

Resource utilization refers to how your company uses its human resources. On average, the most successful MSPs operate at a highly efficient rate of 80%, equaling $50,000 annually. It’s about more than just keeping your techs booked, busy, and billable to remain profitable while revenue is tight. Making your team as efficient as possible is key to getting the most profit from your services.

Calculate Your Unique Utilization Rate >>

Explore Utilization Reporting in ConnectWise Manage >>

Embrace Automation

Revenue is lost when time isn’t accurately accounted for. Manual data entry and maintenance can cost you over $40,000 in annual costs due to human error and mistakes. Automation isn’t just a time-saver; it can keep money in your pocket. When your tools are deeply integrated and eliminate redundant tasks, your team is free to serve your customers better, making your business more valuable than ever.

Discover the ConnectWise Difference >>

Optimizing Operational Efficiency in Your MSP

Establish accountability across your teams and manage the outcomes to empower your employees to deliver excellent customer service during unprecedented times.

Additional Remote Work Resources

Managing Cash Flow

From balancing your cash coming in vs cash going out to spending your cash reserves wisely, learn how to manage your cash flow during economic distress.

Get Control of Your Cash Flow >>

Utilizing Your CRM

When things are at its most uncertain is when consistent communication and strong client relationships matter the most. Provide a positive customer experience regardless of circumstances.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction >>

Enabling a Remote Workforce

Get the most out of your ConnectWise products with curated playlists designed to help you enable a productive and secure remote workforce.

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"With ConnectWise Manage & ConnectWise Automate, we can manage efficiency within .02%. Time is 100% accounted for, and utilization is up to 95%."
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